Bites the dust

Rightwing radio host who mocked AIDS victims dies of Covid after refusing vaccine

Bob Enyart delivers a sermon at Denver Bible Church
Bob Enyart delivers a sermon at Denver Bible Church (Photo: YouTube)

An infamous, conservative Christian radio host has died from Covid-19. Bob Enyart, 62, will be remembered by some for mocking those who died of AIDS. He used to read out AIDS-related obituaries on his TV show, Bob Enyart Live, in the 90s while playing Queen’s ‘Another One Bites The Dust’.

Besides his media work, he was also a pastor of Denver Bible Church.

In recent months, he has been a vocal opponent of Covid restrictions and spoken out against the use of Covid vaccines. He also filed a lawsuit last year to allow Denver churchgoers to be exempt from wearing masks at services.

It seems Enyart’s wife, Cheryl, was the first to contract Covid, followed by Enyart himself. According to a message on his website, neither had been vaccinated, falsely claiming that the vaccines had been tested on “aborted babies.”

Cheryl Enyart remains ill with the disease. Bob Enyart’s death was announced by his radio co-host of ‘Real Science Radio’.

“It comes with an extremely heavy heart that my close friend and co-host of Real Science Radio has lost his battle with Covid,” said Fred Williams on Facebook.

“Bob Enyart was one of the smartest, and without question the wisest person I’ve known. All the while being exceedingly kind and humble, and always, always willing to listen and discuss anything you wanted.”

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That’s not how everyone remembers him. LGBTQ rights advocate Dan Savage tweeted that he was moved to tears by Enyart’s death… but for very different reasons.

“Honestly. I teared up when I heard this guy was dead,” Savage tweeted. “My friends who died of AIDS were mocked and condemned by this asshole and others like him.

“Each and every one of my dead friends would’ve been first in line to get vaccinated against HIV to protect themselves and others.

“AND OTHERS. Not just themselves. And this guy couldn’t be bothered to get vaccinated against COVID even to protect himself. He encouraged others to put themselves at risk. To put others at risk. He was the moral equivalent of some asshole poking holes in condoms in 1986.”

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