Romney Panders to Right Wing To Get Nomination


In an obvious move, Mass. Governor Mitt Romney has said publicly he will sign a bill banning ALL abortions. And in even more bat-shit news, he has met with the Catholic Church to talk about their plan to exempt their charities from being forced to be involved with gay adoptions (via state law.)

On gay adoption, the governor is wading into an issue so volatile that three Catholic Charities board members quit last night over the church’s stance seeking to block such adoptions.

Earlier in the day, the state’s four Catholic bishops argued that requiring Catholic Charities, the church’s social service arm, to arrange adoptions for gay couples violates church teachings and the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion. The Vatican in 2003 came out against adoptions involving gay parents.

Of course, this is all about one thing and one thing only. Romney wants the Republican nomination in 2008 and he needs to show the Evangelicals that he’s not a moderate. And because of his ambitions, the people of Massachusetts are the ones who suffer.

Romney veers right on abortion, gay adoption [Boston Herald]