Super Gay

Rumor has it Marvel is looking for a gay Asian superhero to save the world

The search for the gay lead in Marvel’s upcoming film adaptation of The Eternals continues.

A new report suggests How to Get Away With Murder star Conrad Ricamora has tossed his hat into the ring.

Ricamora, who descends from Filipino heritage and identifies as gay in real life, is up for an undisclosed role, described only as “intellectual, emotional, and has a strong sense of family.”

Fans continue to speculate as to the identity of the character.

The Eternals follows a group of near-immortal beings imbued with special powers and abilities. Once worshiped as the gods in ancient Greek mythology, they left Earth so as not to interfere with human evolution. They returned to Earth during the 20th century to act as superheroes, often teaming with The Avengers to defend against a variety of enemies.

Marvel Studios has enjoyed a run of success with recent films focusing on diverse superheroes, including Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

Recently, studio head Kevin Feige announced that The Eternals would feature a major gay character, and actors Wilson Cruz and Brian Jordan Alvarez have said they both auditioned for the role.

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