RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Shade Comes From Reading… Magazines!


The publishing industry is dying. Crashing. Simply by reading this blog post, you are single-handedly diminishing the circulation of Field & Stream magazine by 3%. But this week, our girls will attempt to save print media by launching their own dragazines.

It’s the type of episode that, as Dida Ritz explains, “separates the intellectual people from the not-so-intellectual people.” And gurl, we start with one of my favorite mini-challenges: It’s time to read some bitches because the library is open!

Sorry, I mean #TheLibraryIsOpen. #HowManyHashtagsCanOneShowHave #SoManyHashtags #HashtagDigitalMarketing

The girls don neon reading glasses and throw their best shade:

* Dida acts shy and awkward but does a passable job, “Jiggly Caliente, you should feel honored. The first contestant in RuPaul’s Drag Race history with child.”

* Jiggly just reuses a joke, “Chad, it’s called Forever 21, not Forever 41.”

* Phi Phi is a stammering disaster, and she manages to compliment Jiggly by “mistakenly” calling her Jujubee.

* Willam reads Chad Michaels for still being on MySpace. And yes, I went looking for her page. And no, I couldn’t find it. (Methinks she took it down because of this incident.) But her current site was built with flash and blasts music upon opening—just as bad as MySpace.

* Latrice Royale continues her staggering command of acronyms by calling Jiggly, “BMW: Body Made Wrong.”

* Chad Michaels threw decent shade, “Jiggly, I love you. Come to Mother Dust, I won’t hurt you. Here’s my dentist’s card—use it.”

* Sharon Needles wins for giving my favorite line, “Jiggly Caliente, you’re such a fat slut, after sex you smoke hams.” But it’s apparently a line from Latter Days. Sigh. Can I un-learn this information? I love the line so much.