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Rush Limbaugh Reacts To Michael Sam: “Heterosexuals Are Under Assault”

rush_limbaugh5Here’s a news item for you: Rush Limbaugh opens big, fat mouth; says astoundingly dumb, illogical things.

Sound familiar? Well this time Jabber the Hut had some choice words about gay NFL hopeful Michael Sam, and the subsequent bile that spewed out of his mouth makes even less sense than usual. And that’s really saying something.

He begins with:

“Heterosexuality has no political agenda and there is no agenda attached to it. Heterosexuality does not have activists.”

Considering all Sam did was come out and say he wants to “own his truth,” we aren’t exactly sure how this already-bizarre statement has anything to do with the subject at hand. But please elaborate, Rush.

“[Heterosexuals] may be 95, 98 percent of the population — they’re under assault by the 2-5 percent that are homosexual.”

Too many holes to even see a functioning argument here, and again, has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Sam except in the rusted synapses of Rush’s logic center. But somehow he’s able to bring it around:

“Why is it OK now for a gay man to play football? I thought it was dangerous and leads to concussions, that it was barbaric. I thought that it was too dangerous and leads to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and early death, suicide, but yet … here comes the first announced gay guy and [it’s] ‘Hey, cool, man, go for it!’ Why is it heroic for a gay man to play football?”

Ah, the decomposing meat of a truly rotten argument.

Listen to the entire train wreck here:

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  • DShucking

    You forgot the part when he closed his remarks with, “Now get in my belly!”

  • BrokebackBob

    Yes, a large portion of the heterosexual population do have a political agenda, that is to deny the rights and privileges -they- enjoy to a full 5-10 percent of the population. Rush’s scandals and addictions and insane thought processes and hatred of women all have joined to make him a parody of himself and all far-right-wingers. Not to coin a old phrase but Rush is so last century. But he’s fat and rich and the pied piper of the stupid and that will probably continue. Best thing we can do is monitor everything he says and call him out on anything wacko.

  • Scribe38

    I liked him so much better when he was deaf and taking pills. Don’t be a quitter Rush, down some more pills, maybe overdose and leave decent people alone.

  • SteveDenver

    It looks like heterosexuals are under assault FROM FRIED FOODS, and they’re losing the battle.

  • blondeboyz

    Oh, someone needs to check if fat boy is doctor hopping again for multiple scripts. He comes up with ridiculous statements as if he is trying to keep up with Pat Robertson!

  • Cam

    “Heterosexuality does not have activists.”

    Really, that’s a funny thing to say considering the hundreds of millions that have been spent trying to outlaw gay rights.

  • tada-no

    It just shows how majority of heterosexuals are still completely oblivious to how entire societies are built around their daily activism from laws, religion, music, fashion, language, film, advertising: everything is geared toward heterosexual expectations.

  • sickranium

    I must admit I find this man amusing. A guy who’s been divorced a gazillion times defending the sanctity of marriage and the wholesome ideal of the traditional family, I mean come ON! This would be great if it was comedy, but in real life it’s actually hilarious…!

  • Spike

    What is the point in covering what this man says on his radio show?

  • muscl954

    Oh, just shut the f**k up, Rush.

  • Mezaien

    Rush Beembo, is not an Heterosexual, he is a maniac sexual operation with an childhood abused boy. He need to seen psychiatrist, or any high profile mental therapist. I have been watching him for the last twenty four years and that is my conclusion.

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