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Sam Smith Gets Drag Queen Serenade After Oscar Win

Sam Smith may not have known how many openly queer people have won Oscars, but at least he knows where gay tourists go when they visit L.A. He popped up at The Abby on Monday night for the regular weekly drag show, and Vicky Vox treated him to a rendition of her (at this point well-worn) hit, “This Boy is a Bottom.” At one point she rubbed his beard — hopefully he tipped well.

A video of the Abbey show posted to TMZ, and the comments there are, well, pretty much what you would expect for a comment section, so go check it out if Donald Trump’s victories aren’t enough to make you lose faith in humanity.

Vicky Vox, by the way, is one of those drag queens who should be world famous but inexplicably isn’t. She does a number involving a cigarette and her nose that has to be seen to be believed.

And to her credit, she noted Sam in the crowd and thanked him for taking a stand at the Oscars. “Thank you for taking a motherfucking stand, bitch,” she politely said. “That do take nerve.” For all the criticism Sam’s received for not knowing his Oscar trivia, at least his intentions were good. And in case the question comes up at some point again, he might want to take note that there have been somewhere over a dozen openly queer Oscar winners in the past.

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  • Kevin J Desmond

    Again … who is this closet case ??

  • Uppity

    The Twitter spat between Dustin Lance Black and Sam Smith illuminated a sad truth; that if you are an older man with a nubile, hot, younger Tom Daley type, then expect Tom’s admirers to abandon all scruples in their quest to get between the two of you. Black may have later made light of his Twitter shade towards Smith, but the subtext was clear; although Smith and Daley are supposedly pals, Smith had no clue whatsoever that Daley’s fiance was an openly gay Oscar winner (which is arguably the thing Black is best known for, after his relationship with Daley). It just goes to show that whether you’re rich and famous or not, the same BS takes place in trying to maintain a relationship in the face of “pals” and their dubious intentions.

  • Michael Paul

    Were the Academy Awards run by drama queens (oh wait David Hill did it and he’s Australian), it was just full of whinging and whining. Sure, Room and Spotlight shed a light on abuse etc, but so Sam Smith said something ignorant, big deal, queens butt hurt, Leo’s whining about climate change, no African-Americans etc etc. We have created a whinging where no one is happy. Having said that, don’t hold back with your views Freedom of Speech results in death in some countries.

  • Daniel Moroni

    Love you Sam and your performance. Now put it behind you. On to bigger and better things. Xo

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