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Sarah Jessica Parker has an idea for recasting ‘Samantha’ and it’s… different

Sex and the City ran for six strong years from 1998-2004.

Its massive popularity was then leveraged into two mostly disappointing films, 2008’s Sex and the City and 2010’s Sex and the City 2.

But Sarah Jessica Parker, the franchise’s star, is still in a “period of mourning” over the fact that Kim Cattrall, at age 61, isn’t interested in reprising the role of Samantha for a third film that is–let’s be frank–likely to be just as bad as the previous two.

During a recent interview, Ellen Degeneres asked Parker a question that seems like it would have an obvious answer: “But you can still do [a third film] without [Cattrall], right?”

Apparently, it’s not that simple.

“I think there’s a period of grief; a mourning process,” Parker explained.

But after Parker sits shiva for the notion of the original foursome returning for another installment of SATC, she has an idea for who could replace Cattrall as Samantha, since it’s just not SATC without Samantha:

“And then perhaps we’ll be able to consider, say, for instance, you playing Samantha.”

Ellen is in.

“That’s so me,” she said. “That’s who I identify with on that show! That is me – I am a sexual beast!”

Running with the joke all the way to the end zone, Ellen added: “This is a facade. When you meet me as a real person out in the world, this is a facade. This is my talk show persona!”

So wait, why can’t they just do a Samantha-less Sex and the City again?

You can watch the interview, which spends an awful lot of time focused on Parker’s cat before getting to the SATC bits, below: