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This season of ‘American Horror Story’ is going to be the gayest yet—here’s what we know so far

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We know, we know: Calling the upcoming American Horror Story: NYC the “gayest season yet” is saying a lot. This is, after all, a series in which a witch has screamed “Balenciaga!” as she burns alive, and one that’s included multiple queer sex scenes—some with Lady Gaga!

But AHS: NYC sounds like it just might slash its way to the distinguished honor. Official details are scarce for Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s 11th season of the horror anthology, but here are all of the (very gay) details we know so far…

Who’s in the cast of AHS: NYC?

As with any Ryan Murphy-produced project, NYC‘s cast is chock-full of familiar faces. Yes, a number of regular American Horror Story players” are returning for this stab at The Big Apple. While character names have been announced for most of the ensemble, it’s unclear how big of a role they’ll play in the season’s events.

In any event, there’s a lot of queer talent to look out for! Here’s a list of who’s coming back for AHS and where you’ve seen them before:

  • Sandra Bernhard as “Fran.” Previously: AHS: Apocalypse, as well as PoseThe King Of Comedy, Roseanne.
  • Rebecca Dayan as TBA. Previously: AHS: Double Feature, as well as HalstonNovitiate.
  • Nico Greetham as “Dennis.” Previously: AHS: Double Feature, as well as The PromLove Victor.
  • Leslie Grossman as “Barbara Read.” Previously: AHS: Double Feature, 1984, Apocalypse, & Cult, as well as Popular.
  • Billie Lourd as “Hannah.” Previously: AHS: Double Feature, 1984, Apocalypse, & Cult, as well as BooksmartScream Queens.
  • Patti LuPone as “Kathy.” Previously: AHS: Coven, as well as Broadway’s EvitaGypsyCompany, and more.
  • Denis O’Hare as “Henry.” Previously: AHS: Double FeatureRoanokeHotelFreak ShowCoven, & Murder House.
  • Dot-Marie Jones as TBA. Previously: AHS: Double Feature Cult, as well as GleeBrosLizzie McGuire.
  • Isaac Cole Powell as “Theo Graves.” Previously: AHS: Double Feature, as well as Broadway’s West Side Story.
  • Zachary Quinto as “Sam.” Previously: AHS: Asylum Murder House, as well as Star TrekHeroes.


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And, excitingly, a few more names have been announced that are “AHS virgins,” even if they’re not strangers to the wider Murphy-verse. Here’s a quick rundown of who else is headed to NYC:

  • Charlie Carver as “Adam Carpenter.” Also seen in The Boys In The BandThe LeftoversDesperate Housewives.
  • Gideon Glick as TBA. Also seen in Ocean’s 8The Other Two, Broadway’s To Kill A Mockingbird.
  • Joe Mantello as “Gino Barelli.” Also seen in Hollywood, Broadway’s Angels In AmericaThe Normal Heart
  • Kal Penn as TBA. Also seen in the Harold & Kumar films, HouseVan Wilder.
  • Russell Tovey as “Patrick Read.” Also seen in LookingBeing HumanPrideThe Good Liar.


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What’s the plot of AHS: NYC?

As ever, Murphy & Co. have been tight-lipped about what to expect from this new season of American Horror Story. Technically speaking, all we know for sure is that it’ll be set in New York City—well, if the title is to be taken literally.

Earlier this year, FX (the network home for the entirety of AHS‘s run) chairman Jonathan Landgraf said that, unlike 2021’s Double FeatureNYC would tell a single story, albeit one that’s split across two timelines.

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But the AHS stans work tirelessly around the clock to dig up whatever information and photos they can, so there are plenty of rumors out there. Many speculate that one of NYC‘s timelines will be the 1970s, which was all but confirmed by a number of on-set photos from this summer. The shots capture Powell and Carver’s characters locking lips, as well as Bernhard—all in era-appropriate threads.

Elsewhere, official character art (like the Quinto and Tovey photos seen above), have a very ’70s-esque look to them, while other promo materials feature various eerie figures decked out in leather and bondage, with plenty of studs and skeletal iconography. These ghouls sure do look ready to hit up their local kink club!


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It all seems to coincide with an alleged season synopsis from the popular, fan-run Twitter account, @AHS_Source, which claims that AHS: NYC centers around a group of LGBTQ individuals targeted by a serial killer.” The tweet goes on to mention the season will cover “the AIDS crisis, NYC blackout, and famous NYC serial killers.”

Other fans think this means NYC will present a fictionalized take on the infamous Son Of Sam, which took place across three of the city’s boroughs from 1976 to 1977. And we all know Ryan Murphy loves a serial killer narrative

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We should note that this is all unsubstantiated and not at all confirmed by Murphy or FX, but it sure does have us intrigued.

When and where will AHS: NYC air?

Now here’s something we know for sure! The return of American Horror Story is right around the corner, just in time for Halloween.

AHS: NYC will premiere on FX on Wednesday, October 19, with episodes also streaming exclusively on Hulu. For the first time, the series will adopt a new schedule, with two episodes dropping simultaneously ever week. With a 10-episode order, that means the season’s dual final entires will air on November 16.

But wait, there’s more! Local TV listings have provided us with titles and synopses for the first two episodes that will drop on the 19th. Here’s what we know:

  • Episode 1: “Something’s Coming.” Mysterious deaths and disappearances ramp up in the city. A doctor makes a frightening discovery, and a local reporter becomes tomorrow’s headline. Written by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk, directed by John J. Gray.
  • Episode 2: “Thank You For Your Service.” Gino grapples with his trauma. Patrick’s search takes him to dark places. A stranger contacts Hannah with a grave warning. Written by Ned Martel & Charlie Carver & Manny Coto, directed by Max Winkler.

Okay, interesting. Very interesting.


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And lastly, a brand new teaser for AHS: NYC has just dropped. But, be warned: In typical AHS fashion, this is more of a tantalizing mood piece than it is a trailer for what’s to come. We see fleeting glimpses of the city, its subway system, and plenty of leather-clad dancers, but not much in the way of plot.

It does, however, hype up AHS: NYC as “the deadliest year” and “a season like no other.” So, buckle up, girls, it’s going to be a gay one! (We think.)

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