Secret Anti-Gays Unmasked, Then Re-Masked

Matt Baume has finally settled into his new headquarters and is ready to talking about the unmasking (and re-masking) of anti-gay voters in Washington State. Meanwhile DOMA crumbles but doesn’t collapse, a football player is the gay community’s newest friend and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard resists approving same-sex marriage—even though it would improve her party’s approval ratings. Watch his weekly clip above for all the details

For more marriage-equality news, visit and the Americans for Equal Rights website.

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  • faggot1

    Major audio fail. New location so not hating on you. Just hope it gets better….;)

  • Drew

    How can someone say that they’re not quite clear on what football is? I can understand if he meant that he didn’t know all the rules of playing football…you can be gay and still play/understand football (I do, anyways).

  • Kev C

    Support gay marriage. Punch player in face. Get ejected from game. Stupid allies.

  • Jim Hlavac

    @Drew: Um, perhaps he was joking about not understanding football? You know, a little snark in the midst of the more serious stuff?

  • matt baume

    @Jim Hlavac: No, I literally don’t know what it is. A medical condition, right?

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