Semen Latte Pastor Says Gays Can’t Foreclose Upon His Church Until They Can Give Birth To Babies

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It’s been a rough week or so for crazed antigay pastor and Donald Trump supporter James David Manning. After news broke that his Harlem church, Atlah Worldwide Church, was going up for public auction because he failed to pay back over $1 million in federal tax liens and other debts, an LGBTQ group announced plans to try and purchase the property, much to Manning’s dismay.

No, seriously. The guy is absolutely horrified at the prospect his church falling into the hands of sodomites. The same sodomites who drink semen lattes from Starbucks and rummage through hospital dumpsters looking for human waste to feast upon. So, naturally, he’s recorded a vlog about in.

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In his latest rant, Manning offers some good, wholesome, Christian advice “for all the sodomites that think that you’re going to purchase this church in a foreclosure sale.”

“This ain’t no bathhouse, this ain’t no fag house, this is the Lord’s house!” he cries. “And before you can ever own this property, hook or crook, to own this property, you, men who are fags with testicles will be carrying babies in their testicles and giving birth to them through their anus!”

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The unhinged pastor continues: “That’s how impossible it is for you to get this house! When you start carrying a baby in your bags and birthing that baby through your ass, then you can own this house. But until I see you pull a baby out your ass, you ain’t going to pull this church out from underneath us!”

Call us crazy, but asking to see men pull things out of their asses sounds kinda, well, gay.

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“Boom shakalaka goes right there!” Manning carries on. “All you fags can GO TO HELL! And do it now! I’m James David Manning, everybody! I’m THE LORD’S SERVANT!”

Watch Manning go entirely off the deep in in the clip below…

h/t: Raw Story