Semper Fi! Gay Sailor And Marine Get Engaged At Camp Pendleton

A gay sailor and marine got engaged at Camp Pendleton in San Diego this week—the first out couple to do so on a military base, reports the San Diego LGBT Weekly.

On Tuesday, Navy veteran Cory Huston got down on one knee and asked Marine Avarice Guerrero to marry him—and Guerrero said yes! Unfortunately the pair will have to tie the knot outside of California if they don’t want to wait until Prop 8 finishes working its way through the courts.

And even if they went to New York or Vermont to get hitched, they wouldn’t be eligible for military housing or spousal benefits. (Thanks DOMA!)

Despite the bittersweet aspects of their union, Huston was ecstatic after popping the question when Guerrero returned from deployment in Afghanistan. “This is a huge step for me,’ said Huston, who was discharged from the Navy during the days of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

After accepting the proposal, Guerrero told the paper ““I was blown away. I was shocked that after all we’d been through, he would honestly want to spend the rest of his life with someone like me.”

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  • jason

    This engagement hasn’t received any coverage in the mainstream media, including the liberal mainstream media. Where’s the New York Times, for instance? If it were two women, these liberals would be all over it.

  • the other Greg

    Poor Jason! – the glass is always half-empty for Jason.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @the other Greg:

    He makes a point, though. If this had been a straight engagement, even Entertainment Tonight would be talking about it. I doubt we’ll ever see these two men on the cover of Us, or People.

  • Aric

    Enough with the debauchery. This is beautiful.

  • Kristopher

    Am I the only one who accidentally read that at first as camp penetration?

  • Oh, ok

    Congrats to the couple, despite all the whining in both the article, and the comments.

    You would think gays were being locked in gas chambers or given enforced curfew laws. I think they’ll live and be happy despite a few unjust obstacles that are only a minor discomfort and not life threatening.

  • mike

    Wow, its so nice to see one man proposing to another man and asking for his hand in
    marriage, I love it. Husbands all the way, yeh.

  • the other Greg

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Why assume that everyone wants FAME in such a situation? Okay, they may have thought it cool to be mentioned in the San Diego LGBT Weekly (and Queerty), but why just assume they’re pissed off they didn’t get to be on Entertainment Tonight or the cover of People? That seems bizarre to me. For most normal well-adjusted people, marriages are not circus spectacles but fairly private matters.

  • Curtis

    ugh.. military guys.. they’ll be cheating on each other in a week.

  • JT

    Hurray for the couple.

    DOMA, you’re next!

  • Adam

    @JT: YES!

  • villa-viper

    We lost another one to a Gringo :-(

  • Dan

    Good for them but they’re media whores.

  • Bipolar Bear

    The law can’t stop love being expressed. I’m really happy for them. Not so happy about the carping and bitching, though. A mate of mine proposed to his long-term partner on stage at a bear competition in Melbourne last year, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house:

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