Senegal Judge Sentences 8 Men to 8 Years in Prison on Charges of ‘Homosexuality’

The sentence for the crime of ‘homosexuality’ is 5 years in prison in Senegal, but a judge sent eight men to prison today for eight years, presumably to make an example of them. Police arrested the men on December 19th at a flat in Dakar where they’d meet.

Bear with us a bit as there doesn’t seem to be any English news source on this story and our French is rusty. From the French magazine Tetu (pardon the translation):

“The International Commission for the Rights of the Gays and Lesbians (IGLHRC) announced that eight men who appeared on Tuesday in Dakar for on charges of homosexuality have “all been condemned to eight years of firm imprisonment “. This sentence is greater than that mandated by the Senegalese law, according to which relations between persons of the same sex are punishable of five years of prison.”