7 Companies Anti-Gay Groups Are Boycotting (And You Should Be Buying From)

The Home Depot

In May, the American Family Association dropped off more than 25,000 signatures to Home Depot chairman Frank Blake during a shareholders meeting, protesting the company’s support for LGBT Pride parades nationwide. The AFA basically claimed the home-improvement chain was helping queers build Sodom and Gomorrah on the town square:

“For several years, The Home Depot has given its financial and corporate support to open displays of homosexual activism on main streets in America’s towns. Rather than remain neutral in the culture war, The Home Depot has chosen to sponsor and participate in numerous gay pride parades and festivals.

Most grievous is The Home Depot’s deliberately exposing small children to lascivious displays of sexual conduct by homosexuals and cross-dressers, which are a common occurrence at these events.”

Blake responded, “We are, and will remain, committed to a culture that fosters an inclusive environment for our associates, our customers and communities in which we exist.” But the boycott pledge is barely a month old, so we want to stop it in its tracks.

What to buy: A $50 gift card for your favorite lesbian couple. Then they can buy some decent patio furniture and invite you over for cocktails.