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Seven Totally Insane Celebrity Six Packs

greatest-celebrity-absThe secret to getting six pack abs is actually not a secret at all, but that doesn’t make the process of getting them the old-fashioned way any easier.

The perfect set of abs are attainable for just about anyone. There are literally thousands of professionals giving step-by-step ab instructions online, and there are entire magazines devoted to coaxing the details out of celebrities ab-splitting workouts. So why don’t we all have them?

Blame it on genes, carbs, lack of discipline or free time; then head directly to Dr. Steinbrech at Male Plastic Surgery New York for ab resculpting. (No joke — high-def ab re-tooling is an actual thing, and all the rage–and creating a set of “boot camp-quality” abs worthy of a gladiator is one of Dr. Steinbrech’s most frequent requests from men).

Check out some of the greatest and most chiseled celebrity abs below, and rest easy knowing you actually don’t need good genes or a gym membership to get your dream physique:


Zac Efron

Summer 2014 will forever be remembered as the summer of Zac Efron’s abs. They invoked a standing ovation at the MTV Movie Awards, they went on an adventure with Bear Grylls, they hit the beach, they vacationed in Italy — what did Zac Efron’s abs not do this summer?

Zac’s stomach is probably largely influenced by his genes; he has the kind of impossible stone-cutting abs that make grooves, ditches, and you-know-whats when he lies down. But if you’re willing to try, you can read about his trainer-required workouts and incredibly strict diet plan at Men’s Health.


Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds movies typically make a lot of money at the box office because they prominently feature Ryan Reynolds’ abs. They became a pop culture topic in 2005 with the release of The Amityville Horror, and in 2010’s Buried, they managed to make an appearance even though the entire movie was filmed inside a coffin.

In 2010, Ryan told Men’s Health that his glorious physique was a result of excellent nutrition. No carbs, no sugar, and plenty of “L-glutamine, conjugated linoleum acid 9 (CLA), whey, and a multivitamin.” Piece of cake!



Usher has consistently stayed on top of the music industry since the beginning of his career, and luckily for us, his abs have remained just as consistent. Don’t act like you don’t remember his oft-shirtless performances during the late 90s, or any one of the videos he’s gone shirtless for since.

Usher revealed a detailed breakdown of his intense circuit training back in 2012, but he’s taken up boxing more recently, posting photos of his training sessions often on Instagram.


Chris Pratt

The most amazing thing about Chris Pratt’s abs are how quickly they spawned out of thin air (just kidding, we’re sure he worked very hard for those things).

The 34-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy star transformed from his adorably dorky Parks & Rec character into a massive, heaving muscle man this year and capturing our hearts in the process. In July, he told Men’s Health he dropped 60 pounds in six months by eating right, lifting heavy, and skipping the beer.


Aaron Schock

You can discuss your disapproval of Illinois state Representative Aaron Schock’s anti-gay political history and whether he’s as gay as the New York Times says he is until you’re blue in the face, but there’s no denying the incredible eight pack on this young Republican is something to be admired. We’d call it the greatest set of abs to ever hold public office.

Some could even say it was Shock’s incredible six pack that started the incessant gay rumors that still haunt him. He’s had a hard time claiming his heterosexuality since they appeared on the cover of Men’s Health, all over Instagram, and most recently, deep in a pool with some male West Point cadets.


Tom Daley

It would almost be sacrilegious to create a list of incredible abs and snub ab king Tom Daley. Sure, the 20-year-old Olympic diver may have had a lot of help crafting his perfectly flat stomach throughout the years, but there’s no doubt he’s got one of the finest set of abs around. Tom’s abs are so famous, their mere mention depresses roughly 80% of people commenting on any Queerty post about Tom Daley’s abs.

We’re sure that he’s got a very sound workout routine, not that he’d ever share that with us common folk. We’re afraid if you want abs like Tom Daley, you’d simply have to be Tom Daley.


Mehcad Brooks

It’s strange that Mehcad Brooks doesn’t have a more successful acting career, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this list, it’s that six pack abs are usually a one-way ticket to superstardom. This man’s torso is so physically flawless, we’re not surprised he began his showbiz career as a Calvin Klein underwear model.

In 2013, he dished to paparazzi about what makes his body so perfect. The secret, apparently, is proper nutrition and healthy eating. We’re starting to notice a pattern here…