Severed Head In Park Belongs To Victim Of Cannibal Killer Luka Magnotta

Police in Montreal have confirmed that a severed head found in a park does indeed belong to Chinese student Jun Lin, 33, who was allegedly killed and dismembered by his lover, Luka Magnotta.

Magnotta, now awaiting trial, was the subject of a worldwide manhunt after Lin’s severed limbs were sent to the offices of various political parties and his torso was discovered stuffed in a suitcase near Magnotta’s apartment.

After receiving an anonymous tip, police found the head in Montreal’s Park Angrignon, a few miles from Magnotta’s home, on Sunday.

After being arrested at a cybercafe in Berlin in June, Magnotta returned to Canada and pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder, criminal harassment of the Prime Minister, interfering with a dead body and mailing and publishing obscene materials.His trial is slated to begin in March 2013.

Magnotta’s case first drew media attention in late May, when video of him assaulting, sexually abusing and even eating Lin’s body appeared on the Internet.


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  • Triple S

    Dear god, I would hate to be part of that jury. What a fucking psycho. Not guilty? Really? It has to be a case of criminal insanity. If it isn’t, I don’t know what to think about all of this. I hope he gets the maximum penalty that will make him suffer as much as he has others.

  • Matt

    Too bad Canada doesn’t have the death penalty.

  • Nikki

    It’s on video chances are he will be put to death, and if not someone in the jail will kill him, he can be in solitary confinement and he will still get killed, just like jeffery dahmer did, he doesn’t stand a chance, no one will give him any leniency. He’s a dead man walking.

  • Canadian

    Here is a video of the accused critiquing an episode of family guy where a sex trade worker is violently killed. The similiarities between the crimes are quite startling.

  • Vee

    this crime is horrible! one of the worst ever seen before…. let justice decides, maybe he is a murderer but our society is NOT! Loneliness will kill him day by day and to be cut off of the world as well since is is craving for attention and fame….whats the point to put ourselves down to his level?? he would not even taste his penalty if our country kills him….

  • Drew

    Vee you’re living in a dream world. People like this guy who murder other people do it because they are psychopaths, sick, and they get pleasure out of it. Canada should reinstate the death penalty and use it on him and on that cross dressing Air Force guy who killed women and took their panties.

  • nikko

    I live a 5 minute drive from that park-and it’s known for it’s cruising. I can’t believe it.

  • Lance

    Nikko do you go there and hook up? ;)

  • Truth

    This murder is a sad reminder of the truth of the vicious anti-asian bigotry, hatred and prejudice in the canadian gay community.

    To understand a crime espescially of this nature, one has to consider the social conditions and situation in which it has occured. The shocking levels of anti-asian and anti-immigrant hatred and exclusion perpetuated by the greedy gay white community undoubtedly contributed to this canadian gay male’s thinking it was okay to murder his lover simply to make an anti immigrant point!

    Jun Lin’s murder will not be in vain. As gay asians this shocking murder is making us realize that the gay white male is indeed a white man.

  • Chuck


    BTW: Truth, perpetuating a racial divide will solve nothing. Being an Asian gay male, I know that the majority of gay white males are NOT anti-Asian in any way.

    Please stop being sanctimonious. How can we expect society to look at gay people and just see people, when we can’t even look at the members within our own group and see people as just people. It’s good to be colorblind.

  • James

    Wow Truth, you have obviously had some horrible experiences with gay white men. I’m sorry that that has happened to you. But we are not all greedy racist gay white men. My life is filled with the joy of friendship with people from all over the world, and the music of their many languages, (and my body is all too filled with their delicious cuisines) – I consider myself most fortunate to have moved to Toronto to experience the world as soon as I step out my door.

  • AJ

    Unfortunately Canada does not have the death penalty for these sorts of crimes. But as for Triple S, the max penalty in Canada is 25 years (our ridiculous “life” penalty, not sure if you live here and/or are familiar with our useless justice system) where he will either be found not criminally responsible (i.e. insanity) like the lunatic who beheaded and cannibalized another man on a Greyhound bus, or sentenced to 25 or less, credited for time served, so he is actually out of prison in (most likely) 5-10 years.

  • Jeremy

    Re-trial? For what? Okay, so the jury found Magnotta not guilty- thanks to his lawyer, for his mental condition. Fair enough, I get the jurisdictions. But Luke Magnotta himself REFUSED the psych evaluation, what does it tell us about his sense of morality? And judging from his malicious smirks during the trial, do you think Magnotta is having any sorrow? Obviously Magnotta is a sick monster who’s enjoying every minute of this. Continuing the process is just giving him more pleasure while causing pain and grief to everyone else. Lock this person away, put him into a straight jacket for all I care. Make him a study case for Psych Journal or whatever, I just don’t want to here anything about him anymore.
    @Truth: I sense that you are very affected by this incident. So am I. Like you I’m very frustrated with the social discrimination we as Asian gays are facing. Yes, those hurtful things exist. But what matters the most is how you NOT letting them get under your skin. Know what you can and cannot tolerate so in case of the worst thing, you won’t be too shocked. Enjoy your own unique identity and don’t let anyone look down on you without acknowledge your goodness.

  • w.e.

    Wasn’t that head in Hollywood found in a park also? Maybe it was the Canadian Canabal.

  • Mita

    AJ you’re right that Canada has a shitty criminal justice system.

    I know of cases in Canada where teenage girls killed their parents, siblings, or friends/peers and they got off with a slap on the wrist were not tried as adults and were sent to a juvenile detention centre that was basically a resort and then once they were adults they were given freedom, a new anonymous identity, and allowed back into society!

  • canadian

    Jeremy, there hasn’t been a trial yet, so I’m not sure where you get the idea he was smirking during the trial. Also, his lawyer didn’t refuse a psych exam, he just didn’t request one from the court. Requesting a psych exam from the court would make everything he says open to the prosecution. Having one done privately will ensure the findings/content will remained confidential to the defense. Apparently Magnotta initially had a legal aide style defence lawyer assigned to him who indicated he would be requesting a psych exam from the court. Since then, though, a high level conservative party affiliated lawyer (go figure) has gotten involved, which is probably why the psych exam wasn’t requested, since this lawyer probably knows what he’s doing. Magnotta already has a history of mental illness, being previously institutionalized and being on anti-psychotic medications, which his lawyer complained was being withheld from him. My guess is mental illness will play a large role in this case.

  • Triple S

    @Truth: I seriously doubt this was racially motivated. Sick killers like this one sometimes choose a specific people, yes, but there’s nothing to suggest that it was solely because he was Asian.
    I think you’re trying to find a problem where there isn’t one. This is tragic, yes, and a horrible thing to even ready about, but there’s nothing saying that it was a racial thing.

  • nikko

    @Lance:Yep, I cruise there often. Why?

  • Spike

    If I never come across a severed human head in this life time, I’m ok with that.

  • Trevor

    Man who is so pathetic that they have to cruise in a park for sex? Congrats Nikko you’re closeted and probably have HIV and other STDs.

  • tom

    Can we please quit calling these 2 “lovers” . It is a murderer and his VICTIM

  • nikko

    @Trevor: Oh Please. No, I’m not closeted and absolutely have no std’s. An occasional blowjob/handjob is no big deal, TREVOR.

  • Larkin

    He’s innocent and will be vindicated of all charges!

    We love you Luka!

  • Dre

    Larkin I’ll bet you wish you were the Chinese student that the sick freak Luka murdered. R.I.P. Jun Lin.

  • MK

    Ugh this case is just horrifying & depressing on all fronts. Canada might not have the death penalty, but one could hope he meets a Dahmer-esque fate in prison.

  • Larkin

    @Dre: Rest in Pieces.

  • Congrats!

    Nikko you’ve probably got herpes and genital warts. Congrats! Yes I agree that having sex in parks with strangers is something that only closet queens do.

  • nikko

    @Congrats!: Well you’re wrong. And I have nada- I get tested regularly.

  • oilburner

    Luv ya lots

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