Panic On The Streets Of London

Sex Toy Flag At London Pride Mistaken For ISIS Terrorist Symbol By CNN

CNN reported that an ISIS flag had been spotted at London’s Gay Pride Parade, based on video filmed by a flabbergasted bystander at the event. But fear not! The gays are not joining the terrorist factions of the world. It turns out the flag was a symbol of butt plug and dildo awareness.

First, let’s offer our condolences to this news anchor who presumably spent several years in college working on her journalism degree, only to show up to work and broadcast this butt plug story. More importantly, let’s acknowledge the fact that none of the characters in the Arabic alphabet look like a penis and testicles, which are clearly among the shapes of toys printed on that flag.

National panic: averted. Although to be fair, there are some scary butt plugs out there.

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