The protest pair

Sexy anti-Trump underwear is officially a thing


Soon, you’ll be able to buy some skimpy boxer-briefs featuring an unflattering caricature of Donald Trump. While it’s not altogether certain what wearing them says about you or will accomplish in the grand scheme of things… hooray?

We’ll admit: It’s difficult to imagine wearing these will win you big points with your sexual partner or — awkward — your primary-care physician. And honestly, we’re not altogether sure how we’d feel about an image of Trump rubbing up against our crotch all day. But probably not great?

The masterminds behind the underwear have unveiled a Kickstarter campaign, and a pair can be yours for $25. (For $1,875, you can purchase 100 pairs and they’ll “send a tweet to @realDonaldTrump.”)

They describe the product as featuring “a fat buffoon yelling into the abyss, holding a megaphone in his teeny-tiny hands. ‘Blah blah blah blah blah’ is written all over.”

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They also note that the horizontal fly allows you to slide your member out of the area shaped like Trump’s mouth, which is faintly terrifying and we need to sit down. But if you’ve ever imagined Donald Trump opening his mouth only to have your penis flop out, well, you’re in luck. You’re also pretty gross.

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Here’s why they decided the world needed a pair of Trump-flavored boxer-briefs:

The election left us stunned, like most Americans, and the horror of reality set in shortly thereafter. We are still in shock. Presumably, so are many others who care about equal rights and justice for all, whether they are Black, White, Asian, Muslim, Mexican, part of the LGBTQ+ community or other. With our moods mired knowing the positive progress has been halted, we wanted to create a pair….

Throughout the campaign, the founders will make personal donations to the causes listed below — the causes that the incoming administration should be for, but is against. You are welcome to let us know which projects you care about the most. Please note that no funds raised on Kickstarter will go towards charitable organizations as per Kickstarter policy (disclaimer). The founders however will make personal donations to these causes on behalf of Mr. Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan, and send donation certificates to their respective offices. Plus, we’ll tweet @realDonaldTrump with each $5 and above pledge.

The men behind the campaign will be donating to Planned Parenthood, the Trevor Project for LGBTQ Youth, Refugee Assistance Project, NAACP Legal Defense and Education, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Okay, so maybe we’ll buy a few pairs after all.