drag queen Sherry Vine wears a white sparkly gown and stands in front of a pink wall and balloons.
Image Credit: ‘The Sherry Vine Variety Show,’ OUTtv

Bow down to drag royalty!

For over 30 years, Sherry Vine’s been gagging audiences with all-singing, all-laughing drag brilliance, mixing equal parts Old Hollywood glamor with a modern sick and twisted sense of humor.

And while the art of drag has recently come into the political crossfire, Sherry’s fighting back (she was part of the Drag Isn’t Dangerous fundraiser last month that raised over half a million for the LGBTQ+ community) and putting her heel down: “I’ve been doing a filthy comedy live singing act for 30 years that’s an adult show. I ain’t changing now!”

Case in point: The upcoming second season of her riotous Sherry Vine Variety Show, streaming via OUTtv beginning June 8, which is as wild as ever. Funny, flashy, and unpredictable, the series is the perfect distillation of what makes Sherry Sherry, featuring characters, commercial parodies, original songs, and some hilarious guests stars (including Bianca Del Rio, Drew Droege, Monét X Change, Tammie Brown, and more).

And that’s not all. Currently, Sherry can be seen in Hulu’s Drag Me To Dinner, created the dragged up dinner party of your dreams/nightmares alongside the great Jack Beat. Plus, she’s got a new EP on the way, Carpe Diem, out June 9 featuring the hysterical new songs featured in The Sherry Vine Variety Show. This queen’s not slowing down any time soon!

To kick off Pride Month, we snagged a second of Sherry Vine’s time to sit her in the hot seat for our rapid-fire Q&A series, Dishin’ It. Holding nothing back, the entertainment legend told us about the bath house drag show that was a stroke *wink, wink* of genius, the TV host who inspires her most, and the important lesson she learned from dating around.

Is there a piece of media—whether a movie, TV series, book, album, games, etc…—that you consider a big part of your own coming-out journey, or that has played an important part in exploring your own queerness? Why does it stand out to you?

I remember being a little kid watching Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares and other TV shows and thinking he was hilarious. I didn’t identify it as queer but I already understood camp and that sensibility.

I can’t remember many TV shows or movies from that time (I’m old!) that maybe helped me come out. The first movie I saw that was gay themed was Cruising and that did not help! I think it pushed me back into the closet. But around the time I came out there were a group of movies that showed me you could be gay and happy: Maurice, My Beautiful Laundrette, etc.

Jackie Beat, Ongina, and Sherry Vine
Image Credit: ‘The Sherry Vine Variety Show,’ OUTtv

As a proper drag legend who’s been performing since the ‘90s, we’re dying to know: What’s the worst or weirdest gig you’ve ever had? (No need to name names!)

Well, I have a lot of stories!! I once was asked to perform at a private sex club in NYC. I was very hesitant only because I thought, “Who wants a clown show while they’re getting plowed?” But they were trying to recreate the Bette Midler bath house days so we went for it. The show was actually fun but it was so strange to be singing to a large group of totally naked men—some that were friends of mine—while they were stroking themselves to stay hard lol!!! You didn’t say a tasteful story just a weird one.

The world of drag has changed and grown over the past few decades. What’s one way you’d say it’s changed for the better? What about for the worse?

Certainly, drag has changed for the better because it’s now considered a legitimate art form. When I started it was so fringe. Now people have realized it can be monetized and performers can make a lot of money: TV, movies, commercials, tours, etc…—everyone wants a queen now which is great!

The worst thing is that a lot people want all drag to be the same. I’ve been doing a filthy comedy live singing act for 30 years that’s an adult show. I ain’t changing now!

Since The Sherry Vine Variety Show pays tribute to so many classic TV variety shows, we’re curious: What’s a clip/sketch/number from one of those classics that you find yourself revisiting every time you need a good laugh or a quick pick-me-up?

I have watched Carol Burnett bloopers 1,000 times. If I need a lift or laugh I can always count on that. Especially “Mama’s Family” sketches. Any of the ones with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway is a guarantee laugh riot! I also can watch the Cher show opening numbers over and over just for THE LOOKS!!! 

Who’s your personal favorite TV host of all time (from variety, late-night, game shows, etc…) and what is it about them that makes them a good host?

Again, Carol Burnett—no one person has been a bigger influence. She sang, danced, acted and all from a physical comedy approach. She wasn’t afraid to be dumb! From the opening Q&A with the audience, to the musical production numbers with a guest star, to the over the top —pure joy and brilliance.

What’s the most difficult thing about dating as a drag queen?

LOL!! I’m the wrong person to ask. I had a long-term relationship with a gay man that was fun but not super sexual, like best friends. I had a second long-term relationship with a straight identifying man that was super sexual but nothing else really in common. So now I’m just a whore.

I know a lot of queens who have boyfriends but at this point in my life I don’t see me being able to compromise much at all, I love my life the way it is. I’m always on the road and have no plans to settle or slow down.

You’re also a guest on Hulu’s new series Drag Me To Dinner. Imagine it’s the apocalypse—which probably isn’t too far away—and you’re hosting the last dinner party on Earth… what’re you serving?

Honey, if it’s my last dinner party ever I’m serving me! Now I am fully aware that not many people will want to partake but that’s what’s on the menu. I’m actually not a good cook and I can’t bake for shit. But I will put on the best playlist ever, mix a fierce drink and legs up!

Sherry Vine and Jackie Beat prepare a part in 'Drag Me To Dinner'
Image Credit: ‘Drag Me To Dinner,’ Hulu

Who is a queer or trans artist/performer/creator that you think is doing really cool work right now? Why are they someone we should all be paying attention to?

Wow, so many right now. First of all, congrats to Sasha Colby for slaying it and snatching the crown. I think she’s so talented. Peppermint is not only a gorgeous showgirl but a tireless activist and I am always amazed at her commitment. I’ve been a Murray Hill fan for 25 years and to see him on TV and killing it makes me so happy.

Season two of The Sherry Vine Variety Show premieres June 8 on OUTtv and OUTtv.com, and can be streamed via the OUTtv channel on Prime Video, Apple TV, and The Roku Channel.

The entire first season of Drag Me To Dinner is now streaming on Hulu.

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