Shop: Karim Rashid Morphescape

We absolutely adore the industrial designer Karim Rashid. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches he is a giant of the design world in more ways than one. With over 2,000 designs in production it is hard to pick the ones we love. There are just too many: the Method Home bottles, Umbra’s very affordable Garbino trash can, and the ACME Studios two time zone wristwatch come to mind immediately.

Karim Rashid Morphescape

Rashid’s latest collaboration with Turkish design company GAIA & GINO sees the designer moving in a very different direction. Taking inspiration from the skyline of Istanbul the prolific designer has unveiled a 15 piece tableware collection in white porcelain named Morphescape . Each piece fits with one another to create a single surface on the table. It is as practical as it is beautiful.