Short Stack: Montreal On Fire

• The Log Cabins Republicans get along better with the “Rev.” Jerry Falwell better than with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. We agree that her face looks kind of weird, but really guys. Give us a break. Lots of little policy disagreements will never equal the one giant disagreement with Falwell: over your right to live as free citizens and not burn in hell afterwards. [The State]

Montreal Club Unity

• Canada’s biggest gay bar, Club Unity in Montreal, burned down Friday night in what the police have deemed an “accidental” fire. However, we suspect that nothing is ever completely an accident when the Mafia and the Hell’s Angels have a stake in the neighborhood. [365 Gay]

• Finally a gay rights march happened in Poland, but of course police had to intervene because of all the counter-protestors, who were mostly from an ultra-conservative youth group. We lament the phenomenon of political youth groups because they always end up being fascists or hippies. There is never a middle-ground nor any nuanced position, just “fags are unnatural so let’s throw eggs at them.” You’re grounded, you little idiots. [Pink News]

• Former Republican Sen. John Danforth calls the Federal Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment “silly.” We wish a few non-“former” Senators other than Russell Feingold were as outspoken. [Seattle PI]