Old News

Those Simon Rex Leaked Scenes Have Apparently “Resurfaced” Online


There was a time, and it wasn’t terribly long ago, when male celebs didn’t have explicit GIFs and jpegs pouring out all over the Internet every waking moment of every waking day.

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And before these semi-scandals became as commonplace as the very air that we breathe, there was MTV VJ Simon Rex, whose career was somewhat derailed when it became widely known that he’d filmed a series of lengthy solo scenes at the tender age of 18 under the nom de porn Sebastian.

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For whatever reason  — and we have a hard time believing there are many of you who haven’t seen these a million times over, but you tell us — these Rex videos  are once again titillating the masses, as C&C reports.

Next week, we’ll be presenting a rarely seen cachet of photos featuring Michelangelo’s David in all of his glory. Stay tuned.