Lesbians Too Hot For Scholars

“Sinful” Cinema Makes Waves In Egypt

Egyptian director Khaled Youssef’s new flick caused quite a stir. Right wing religionists are protesting Hina Maysara for its lesbianic content:

Religious scholars in Egypt are outraged by a lesbian scene in a new movie, telling audiences to stay away from the sinful flick and calling for the director and actresses to be prosecuted.

Preacher and Islamic Studies professor at Cairo University, Dr. Abdel-Sabour Shahin accused the new movie, Hina Maysara (Until Further Notice), of spreading homosexuality and promoting debauchery.

He called on authorities to prosecute the director of the movie and the two actresses, Ghada Abdel-Razeq and Sumaya Al-Khashab, who enacted the lesbian encounter on the big screen.

Shahin claimed the movie is part of “a Zionist and American conspiracy” which uses this sort of movie to destroy the moral fabric of society.

Hina Maysara’s hardly the first Egyptian movie to portray same-sex love. Emaret Yacoubian depicted a gay romance.

Youssef seems undeterred by the protest, but urges his enemies to see the movie before passing judgment. It may be too late for that…