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How do you solve a problem like the toxic white gays who party with Aaron Schock?

The queer internet let out a collective eye roll this week after alleged photos of former antigay GOP Congressman Aaron Schock partying with a group of shirtless men at Coachella surfaced online.

Then Queerty obtained a photo allegedly showing Schock in a full lip lock with another dude, his hand searching for something down the front of the guy’s pantalones.

Then we obtained a video of it.

Given that, when he wasn’t misappropriating campaign funds, Schock spent the bulk of his short political career actively fighting against LGBTQ causes, the whole thing has people justifiably annoyed, offended, and confused.

It’s also left many wondering: Who are these dudes hanging out with him? And why?!

Which leads us to the topic of white gays. It’s something we’ve covered many times before.

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Urban Dictionary defines a “White Gay” as:

The “Gay best friend” typically portrayed on sitcoms screaming “OH MY GOD GURL YAAAS”. An unbearable cis queen, everything they do or say has to be over-dramatic. A White Gay, like a White Feminist, is not exclusively White or Homosexual, the only definitive traits are the endless spouting of Tumblr or urban slang and “controversial” propaganda/topics in hopes of getting attention. Most likely a twink, with no conscience of privilege or minority struggles (most likely sexist although they try to act like black women).

Just to be clear, there’s a difference between being a “white gay” and being white and gay. Plenty of gay men who happen to be white don’t fit the description of a “white gay” and that’s great. Hats off to them.

OK, hats back on.

Since the pictures of Schock emerged, many have been calling out the other white gays in the photos for being, well, exactly that. White gays.

While there’s always the possibility these dudes don’t know who Schock is, chances are they do and they’re willing to overlook his homophobic past, which he has yet to acknowledge or apologize for, because he’s got a cute face and a six pack, not to mention his Miss Vanjie impersonation is hilarious.

Now, we’re not interested in identifying or doxing these men. (Honestly, it would be near impossible given that they all look exactly the same.) We are, however, interested in the dialogue that’s been happening around the situation. Many are using it as yet another example of how toxic masculinity and white supremacy still prevail in the gay community.

Of course, the question now is: Where do we go from here?

Here’s what folks are saying…

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