Some “Time” With Perez Hilton

There’s no doubt Perez Hilton’s left an indelible – and, at times, irritating – mark on popular culture. In addition to his staggeringly successful blog, the shit-stirrer recently landed a VH1 reality show, appeared on The View and received a “surprise” visit from Victoria Beckham. So, how does Hilton, born Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr, stay humble? He doesn’t.

In addition to comparing himself to another barbed tongue queen, Madonna, Hilton tells NY Times‘ Mireya Navarro that he’s his own publicity machine:

When I go to parties people recognize me and that’s another contact, another tool in my bag of tricks. I don’t even have a publicist. I work it.

Sure, it’s really tempting to hate Hilton, but the article does shed a bit more light on his past, including the trauma he endured as a portly pansy in Catholic school and the sudden death of his father.

Perhaps it’s his father’s demise that has led Hilton to expand his empire: his mama and big sister recently joined his team. While some would love to see Perez Hilton and his website go belly up, it’s not looking good.

Sorry, haters, Hilton seems to be here to stay. Whether he stays on top remains to be seen. Personally, we’ve always taken him to be a bottom.

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  • Dawster

    I also see him as quite the bottom (feeder).

  • Paul Raposo

    Anyone have his Manhunt pics? Apparently he’s packing some major Latin heat.

  • james_boston

    Why do we even have to know what his name is? What an annoying chubby little turd.

  • thatguyfromboston

    oh paul. paul, paul, paul. there are some things we never ever want to see.

  • Jack Jett

    The most incredible aspect of Perez Hilton’s amazing rise to fame and fortune is that he really DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT about what anyone says about him.
    You can hate him or love him, but you know who he is. The traffic to his site doesn’t measure fans or foes.

    He has the greatest Fuck You attitude of anyone I have ever met.

    Jack Jett

  • rock

    I have to say that i don’t read his site often..but then again, he is the All American capitalist…making his money and run and as he said he knows that he can be yesterday’s news in a hurry….

    if one doesn’t like what he has to say…don’t read it..kinda simple.

    The NYTimes article link was an excellent article….accurate and you have to admire Perez’s attitude..he is here to make himself his own fortune…..and makes no bones about it..and of course he has done so….more power to him….and he can be quite funny….and dishes great dirt….so we all love that….I betcha Barbara Walters was pissed and Joy Behar roared with laughter when he said he was going to be the Gay Barbara Walters….

    I haven’t seen where he has gone after stars’ children (there I agree with Joy Behar) but adults are fair gayme and the likes of Clay Aiken….well, I say go Perez Hilton!

  • UndercoverPants

    You know what? Prez G Dubya Bush doesn’t give two shits what people think of him either, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to inexplicably rally behind him and his fucked-up ways just for the helluvit. Having money doesn’t equal unequivical validation.

  • Jack Jett


    The fact that you would compare Perez to the Prez is exactly what Perez loves.

    That is the beauty of really not giving a shit.

    jack jett

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