Someone defaced the memorial to queer victims of Nazi genocide

Tiergarten Memorial

Police in Berlin have called for help from the public in catching vandals that defaced a memorial to queer victims of Nazi genocide.

Law enforcement reported that the memorial in Berlin’s Tiergarten Park was vandalized over the weekend.

The concrete memorial features a window where passers-by can look in to see a same-sex couple kissing. Police say vandals painted over the window sometime Sunday night.

At the time of this writing, police have not named any suspects, nor will they divulge if video surveillance caught the act of vandalism on camera.

Though often glossed over in history classes, the Nazis persecuted queer people–mostly gay men–throughout their rise and subsequent rule in Germany. Estimates say at least 15,000 gay people were sent to concentration camps for their sexual orientation.

In 2002, the German government issued pardons to more than 50,000 men convicted of deviant behavior for their sexual orientation during the Nazi era.

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