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Spanish rapper Arkano, who’s “tried everything,” reveals even more about his sexuality


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Spanish rapper Arkano first got our attention last month when he appeared on MasterChef Celebrity 6 in Spain and talked about being “open to everything” when it comes to sex.

Asked by another cast member about rainbow flag photo he’d posted to Instagram, the 27-year-old replied that he liked to keep an open mind about sex and relationships.

“Only girls on Tinder,” he said, causally. “Other than that, I have done everything. I am open to everything.”

Now, in a new interview with the online publication Shangay, Arkano says that, since making the remarks, he’s received a ton of homophobic responses on social media. Luckily, he doesn’t let them get to him.

“Insults give me more strength,” he says, “and they inspire me with songs like Único, to make visible the problem of homophobia in rap, after of so many insults that I have received. It is positive to provoke that discussion.”

Único is his latest single, a powerful anthem that blasts machismo culture, homophobia in the church, and sexual discrimination. The music video features several queer performers.

Asked if whether his comment about being “open to everything” was intended to be a coming out moment, Arkano said no. He prefers to keep his sexuality ambiguous to avoid being labeled things like “the gay rapper.”

“The greatest example of freedom is that of not needing to define oneself,” he explains. “I don’t see it as an exercise in not positioning myself. It is that I want to do whatever I want at all times without having to limit myself.”

He added that talking openly about his sexual experiences, and voicing his support for LGBTQ people on social media and in his music, is all part of his way of “naturalizing the presence of the LGBTQ collective within rap, so that the sexual orientation of each [rapper] does not have to be taken into account.”

Looking back on his career, Arkano acknowledges that he made some mistakes that he now regrets.

“When I started in rap, I followed the behaviors of that culture that I now consider toxic, I behaved like a macho and I have even made homophobic attacks,” he says.

But not anymore.

“These are things that I have managed to change in myself,” he says, “and they have become the main source of motivation to continue, to trust that many more people who still act like that will also change.”


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