Ramsey Angela wows us with his speed. The Dutch sprinter took home a silver medal in his Olympic debut three years ago, and keeps adding onto his resume.

But away from the track, Angela is all about slowing down, and capturing life’s beauty. He’s a model and fashionista, always thinking about how a scene can come together. As a relay runner, Angela understands the importance of teamwork when it comes to achieving athletic greatness.

Those same principles apply when he’s organizing a fashion photo shoot.

During a recent down moment in training, Angela gathered his team and created something special.

“My head is constantly full of thoughts: [fantasizing], planning, having conversations, you name it,” he wrote on Instagram. “There are so many multi faceted athletes out there, all creative in some way. I’m an athlete with many talents. Standing in front or behind the camera is one of the main things I love to do.

“But I also love the work that goes on prior to the finished results. Planning the whole process, having conversations with other creative individuals (because we are a stronger team on and off the track), choosing the location then creating a concept & bringing that concept to reality. In other words fulfilling my passion! This is the finished results of our creative minds coming together on our free afternoon (during the training camp). I hope you enjoy ♥️.”

Serving as the shoot’s stylist, Angela looked elegant and cool in his fashion-forward attire. Photographs were taken at the Baillie’s Manor Guest House in South Africa.

Angela also offered his followers some BTS footage, showing how the magic came together. He seems to be just as overjoyed putting on a new outfit as he does passing off the baton.

As he said, he’s multi-faceted!

On that note, Angela doesn’t only enjoy being in front of the camera. He loves looking into the lens as well.

The 24-year-old also owns his own photography company, RDA Pictures. One of his gorgeous teammates, Peter Krška, starred in his most recent shoot.

The hurdler can make us jump for him anytime…

When Angela is behind the camera, it’s apparent he knows how to pick ’em.

While Angela undoubtedly receives inspiration from many outlets, his own modeling work is probably a big influencer.

Last month, his photoshoot with Calvin Klein made us want to swipe right with Olympic speed…

Speaking of the Olympics, Angela is stacking up quite the list of wins heading into the Summer Games. His team won bronze at the World Indoor Championships in England, and he set a record as well!

Per usual, he captured the special moment on Instagram.

While Angela never made a formal coming out announcement, he’s been living an open life for years. He first caught our eyes when he started posting cute pics of himself and his then-boyfriend, model Pol IJpelaar

Those shots, combined with a celebratory photo of Angela standing in front of a rainbow leg, all but confirmed his orientation. 

“The socials are quite important for my career. I’m convinced it has a big effect on things like sponsor deals or commercial interests,” he told ESPN. “I share a part of my private life and this is part of that. That’s how I see it.”

In that same interview, Angela said he originally harbored doubts about going public with his relationship, but decided being open was the best way to live. 

“To be honest, I did wonder whether it was normal. I had this brief period of doubt whether this was right,” he said. “But I soon thought, ‘There it is, I can’t change it, I’ll go for it.’ I guess now that I have a boyfriend, my first one, it has gone public. The other relationships I had, or whatever, I did post about them [on social media]. Now I post about my first boyfriend, but not like it’s a surprise. It kind of happened naturally, it’s part of being Ramsey Angela.”

These days, the Ramsey Angela experience includes plenty of medals. He’s now won five international medals outside of the Olympics, including gold at the 2021 World Relays and European Indoor Championships.

We can’t wait to see how the rest of Angela’s training season progresses. We know he’ll offer us plenty of shots to lust over.

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