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Spy outed as gay adult film star sentenced in court

A gay adult film performer turned German spy turned pretend jihadist was found guilty Tuesday of attempting to share state secrets. He was given a one-year suspended sentence.

What initially looked like a case of an Islamist mole inside Germany’s domestic spy agency was eventually revealed to be an even stranger scenario: employee boredom.

The 52-year-old known only as Roque M. told the court that he was only pretending to be a jihadist planning a domestic attack out of boredom.

Prosecutors eventually dropped most of the initial charges after no evidence of an actual attack plan or real ties to jihadist groups turned up.

“I never met with any Islamists. I would never do that. The whole thing was like a game,” the suspect said.

Part of his job at the German agency was to monitor the online Islamist scene, which he described as “a lot of fun.”

But apparently all that time online became awfully tedious, and he eventually took on the role of one of the dangerous characters he was tasked with keeping an eye on.

It was “an escape from reality,” he told the court.

So it must have also been an escape from reality when he planned a meeting with a suspected Islamist at a gym, right? Yes, he insisted.

And it was just your garden variety escapism when he offered up some classified information about agency operations to someone who was later revealed to be an undercover colleague, yeah? Yikes.

While we can’t imagine he’ll ever work in the intelligence community again, perhaps there’s a gay adult film parody of this waiting for him somewhere.