‘Star’ All Over Knight’s Boyfriend

Us Weekly‘s Janice Min better watch out, ’cause it looks like Candace Trunzo’s Star wants to get in on the gay turf.

The latter’s latest edition features a relatively lengthy article on TR Knight’s boyfriend, Mark Cornelsen, although Star doesn’t take the time to bold his name in the issue.

Trunzo dispatched a journalistic duo to dig into the 19-year old Cornelsen’s life. The duo – and their web scanning skills – fulfilled their mission. They inform us Cornelsen first met Knight through the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which honored him with their Matthew Shepard Point Scholar. The Foundation features a small bio of Cornelsen, who hails from an ultra-Christian, sin-centric household. His parents apparently tossed him when he came out, but now he’s all famous and shit, so the joke’s on them!

Star also spends some time examining Cornelsen’s family-oriented attitude – the teen’s MySpace page says he wants to be a “mommy” when he grows up. He better be prepared to fight off that possessive she-beast, Katherine Heigl.


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  • Brandon

    TR 35, Mark 19 and not one of the tabloid gossip mags have gone after the age difference. I am surprised.

  • Brian

    I am interested in how old Mark was when he met TR. I am surprised the gossip rags are not talking about this.

  • Bitch Republic

    I think Knight is a bit too old for little Mark. He could be his father for Chrissakes.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Hey Bitch, have you considered the possibility that Mark could be the “Daddy” in this relationship?

    Go T.R.!!!!

  • meh

    yuck they’re both ugly

  • fredo777

    “They’re both ugly”?

    I know beauty is subjective, but I’d like to see the drop-dead stud who posted that comment.

  • Gianpiero

    C’mon guys. They’re both smiling–it’s a cute pic.

  • ChristopherM

    Sometimes two folks of different ages fall in love, and age really doesn’t matter. Then there is a certain type of gay man who no matter how old he gets, only wants to date those guys under 25. There is something seriously wrong with those men, and they need to address their issues of control and fear of aging. I hope T.R. is the former type rather than the latter.

  • jcleroy1982

    I actually walked past these two in Nob Hill in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I was 99% sure it was TR, but I was flabbergasted by Mark, so that made me question my eyes. I hadn’t heard about him in the media yet, so I was just kinda like, “Uhh, why would TR be dating some tiny baby-faced twink?” Then I saw all the blog coverage, so that confirmed it. In person they look kinda ridiculous, but far be it from me to demand their breakup on that basis.

  • amvanman

    Both are ugly? I hope that comment came from a 14 year old.

  • SeaFlood


  • jvansteppes

    I’m sorry what’s up with everyone hating on Heigl. She’s a wicked ally for GLBT communities.

  • ok this is the shit

    You know, I heard a tidbit today that made my jaw hit the floor! Did you know that Mark was an ESCORT for a period of time to help pay his way into college? Well, the hell with that… he escorted his way in California from Washington state so I learned… yeah, it’s the latest leak… supposedly a client recognized him from the postings and has made comment locally about it. It’ll all come out soon I suppose.

  • Ian

    I think that all the people who are making SUCH a big deal about the age difference should go jump in front of a bus! For god sakes, Mark is 19…making him a legal adult; and can anyone else remember when Demi and Ashton started dating and all the press came about about the age difference….it all blew over, and hopefully so will this.

    Plus, Mark seems like someone very mature for being only 19 years old (and trust me, I should know…I’m 19 myself). Mark was the recipiant of the Matthew Shepard Point Scholarship, being one of maybe 3 students in the COUNTRY to get it…obviously there’s alot more to this guy than his age.

    I totally support them…and anyone who doesn’t can just suck it HARD!

  • doesn't like liars

    Actually, the REAL inside scoop is his cousin is an out lesbian in a committed relationship and Mark’s parent’s take no issue with this. Now, wouldn’t you find it odd that they “kicked Mark out” but take no issue with their neice and her girlfriend staying over their house? Funny, I would.

    Regardless, his parents miss him terribly and have tried on a constant basis to fix the relationship but he shuns them, and his gay cousin. There is much more to this story and not everything is as it seems.

  • oh really??

    Doesn’t Like Liars—- Oh really? You know, I thought there was something not quite right about this Cornelsen kid. It always seemed that everythng was too “cut and dry”. My opinion is that he’s a gold digging little bitch, who has carefully executed his plan and is living the life of an accosted person within the safe haven of the celebrity circle. Well, we shall see about that. What “binky boy” doesn’t seem to realize is that there are alot of people questioning his intentions. I, for one am digging up new information all the time.

    Isn’t it funny that those who appear the kindest can be the most kanieving? He would never suspect me, of all people the be the one to yank the carpet out from under him…. Such as blind one, he is…

  • alyasandro

    Brandon, if you looked at perezhilton you’d see that they are. but it’s love, why do all of you, not just you brandon, have to attack it

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