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Steve King outdoes his own racism, demands to know if Kamala Harris “descended from slaves”

Another day, another vile comment from antigay Rep. Steve King of Iowa.

Over the weekend, the soon-to-be-ex-congressman tweeted at Vice President-elect Kamala Harris questioning her identity and demanding to know whether she descends from “slaves or slave owners.”

“I’m reading that @KamalaHarris made history as first woman, first black woman, first Asian woman, etc = a boatload of intersectionality points. But Kamala, are you descended from slaves or slave owners?” King tweeted on Sunday.

It’s unclear why King felt the need to tweet this or why he thinks being the descendant of “slaves or slave owners” hinders her ability to lead. (Spoiler: It doesn’t!)

The unprovoked tweet was met with swift backlash…

Afterwards, King followed up with a second tweet accusing people of “throwing the dishes at me” for simply “asking an important question” before lodging an attack on another Black lawmaker, Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana.

“Why are you @KamalaHarris supporters throwing the dishes at me for asking an important question?” he asked. “Meet @CedricRichmond original sponsor of HR 40, the Slavery Reparations bill. Cedric, you will have a hard time pushing slavery reparations unless Kamala is willing to write a check.”

Of course, 71-year-old King, who fears same-sex marriage will lead to people marrying their lawnmowers and believes it should be legal to fire someone for being LGBTQ, has a long history of making racist and other inflammatory remarks.

In an interview with The New York Times last year, he openly questioned when the words “white nationalist” and “white supremacist” became racist.

Thankfully, in less than two months, State Senator Randy Feenstra will replace him in the U.S. House of Representatives after handily beating him in the June 2020 Republican primary.

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