Stick It Up Your Ass


The ever-so-lovely RuPaul has blogged about “shit shame” on her own website. Even Margaret Cho famously (and hilariously) recounted her awkward experience with it in Notorious C.H.O. So no one should feel disgusted over talk about colonic hydrotherapy. Its been practiced since Jesus’s day and recently has gained acceptance as an alternate way to cleanse the colon. One of the purported benefits of a cleansed colon is an increase in energy, which you might need for that weeklong binge at one of the many upcoming White Parties.

The painless procedure consists of water being shot up your butt with a hose. This should not be a problem for most gay men, though it’s nothing like that new battery-operated toy you bought for $39.99 at the Pleasure Chest.

Says RuPaul about her conversation with hydrotherapist, May:

“just the tip ?” i asked. i think May was very impressed with my unflinching finesse. she had me stop at only three inches! “thats all?” i said. i told her i could barely feel it! (“wake me when you’re done…”).

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding colonic irrigation lately. Many doctors don’t buy into it, claiming it upsets the chemical balance of the colon and creates mineral deficiencies.

But who are we to say whether it’s beneficial or not? We’re quite anal to begin with.

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