STUDY: Contrary To Somewhat Popular Belief, Latinos Are Pretty Darn Pro-Gay

Some people have the idea that Hispanics are anti-gay, because of their Christian backgrounds or whatnot. But a new study released today by National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS), Latinos are actually as or more tolerant of LGBT people than the general population.

Summarizes Philly magazine:

The report, funded by the Arcus Foundation, tells us that Hispanics are actually more inclined to support legal same-sex marriage and to be more accepting of gays and lesbians in society than most non-Hispanic Americans. Also, Latinos are just as likely as any other group in the U.S. today to identify as LGBT.

“There is a clear misperception among the general population about where Latinos stand on LGBT issues, partly because the media pushes this narrative that the culture and values of Latinos and LGBT progress are simply incompatible,” says David Dutwin, vice president of SSRS and author of the report. “Such misperceptions manifest in story after story about a particular Hispanic group opposing a gay rights bill, even though this anti-gay sentiment is not reflective of all Latinos. In reality, as society is evolving on LGBT issues and becoming more accepting of this community, so too are Hispanics.”

Some great stats from the report, which you can examine in full here (PDF):

“64 percent of Latinos support civil unions and more than 80 percent are in favor of legal protections for hate crimes, job discrimination, housing discrimination and support for healthcare and pension benefits for LGBT Americans. And three out of four say they support openly serving in the military.”

Basically we should just merge two of NYC’s rowdiest daytime celebrations: the Puerto Rican Day Parade and gay Pride. Less mess, easier to clean up. Puerto Rican Gay Parade, here we come!

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