STUDY: More College Freshmen Support Gay Marriage Than Ever! 71.3 Percent, To Be Exact

More college freshmen than ever support the right of gay people to get married, according to a poll conducted by the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute.

In 2009, 64.9 percent of incoming freshmen indicated that same-sex couples should be able to marry. The class of ’11 surged past the two-thirds mark, with 71.3 percent in favor. Would that the U.S. Senate were constituted in similar proportions!

In general, students are getting more liberal, with froshies falling rank-and-file on lefty issues like marijuana legalization, the ability to get an abortion, and affirmative action.

Graph via HIRE, Photo via Sterling College (doesn’t it look just PERFECT?)

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  • JAW

    If only we could get them and the rest of the 20 somethings to vote… otherwise we will have to wait for their grandparents and parents to DIE in order to win in some states

  • QJ201


  • ifuleave

    I’m a senior and i can’t think of a single person who is against gay marriage. Even the big alpha male frat boys support it. Also, don’t underestimate college students when it comes to voting. At my school, we had something like a 70% turnout, which is astronomically high for a presidential election.

  • Stefan


    Where do you go to school if you don’t mind me asking?

    I went to college in Minnesota and it’s the same way. Back in 2008, if you were a student and you didn’t vote, you were considered weird.

  • Matt

    What surprises me is that less than 50% of them want marijuana to be legal, I met some morons at college that probably oppose gay marriage but if I found a college kid that actually believed that pot was a significant harm to society I would be in awe.

  • JayKay

    Affirmative action is pure racism. 42.1% of college students are racists.

  • redball

    @JayKay: Prof. JayKay in da house LMAO

  • Big Daddy

    Big deal. Less than 40% of Americans go to college. 71% of less than 40% is what? Not even close to being a majority?

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