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Stunning erotic photo series captures the struggles bisexual men face in India

Amit Bittoo is a fashion and wedding photographer from Kolkata, India studying at the National Academy of Photography. He is also bisexual.

In his most recent photo series, Bittoo focuses on what life is like for bisexual men in India, and how they are often pressured by their families to silence their feelings and marry members of the opposite sex.

The colorful series is called “Coy Mistress” and tells the story of a young man caught between the man he loves and the woman he was forced to marry a woman out of social obligation.

See the stunning images below…

h/t: Pagal Parrot


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  • Kenney G

    Is this shit for real lmao Bisexual men should date trans men, they look like men up top but all woman below the belt

  • Jack Meoff

    Nothing very stunning or erotic about these pics. Why is one man in semi drag in all of them?

  • Billy Budd

    I don’t understand why the bottom is always portrayed as the femme. This is simply not true. I don’t like these pics.

    • Josh447

      How do you know who the bottom is?

  • mhoffman953

    These look like advertisements for Halloween costumes lol

  • Josh447

    There is zero sexual chem between the males in these pics. Lots of str8 energy. It’s imbalanced. There needs to be a pic of the two men facing into each other’s eyes, you know, as if they actually want to hit the carpet, now. Not impressed with this collection. About as erotica as a 6 day old sandwich.

  • Neonegro

    One handsome man, one pretty woman…and a grotesque drag queen.

  • Squeak

    I love Queerty precisely because it constantly provides me with a smile with bizzare exaggeration. . . . like calling these completely artless, passionless, postcard photographs “stunning & erotic” – Tongue in cheek? Soooo funny. Love ya sense of humour, Queerty. Keep it up!

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