Suspect Turns Himself In After Antigay Atlanta Attack Is Caught On Cameras

atlanta attackThe wheels of justice are turning in Atlanta, where police have apprehended a suspect in a weird, scary homophobic attack.

it’s hard to understand what could have prompted such violence. According to the victim, Quinn Chrzan, he was biking along the Atlanta Beltline when a jogger named Michael Sanders got belligerent. Chrzan says that Sanders was mad about how close Chrzan had ridden past him. “Right when I was about to pass him, he just stopped and he looked at me and called me a faggot,” Chrzan told a local news crew.

Chrzan says that he told him to not use that word, then took out his cellphone and recorded the guy. That’s when Sanders pinned him against a wall and beat him.

(Side note: how do we feel about mainstream media self-censoring that word? In their coverage, it’s spelled “f*****” and beeped out. We’ve had a healthy debate about that word after Jonah Hill used it.)

The case against Sanders seems pretty air-tight: in addition to Chrzan’s footage, a nearby business captured the attack on video and there were plenty of witnesses. Sanders eventually turned himself in. He could be charged with a hate crime, although that would require evidence that he was specifically targeting the victim.

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  • Nowuvedoneit

    See here is where intent meets word. The attacker very clearly intended to cause harm and luckily it was caught on camera.

  • James Hart

    The culprit should be locked up for a very long time. And so should all other anti-social misfits who go around assaulting innocent people.

  • gskorich

    so the guy almost clocks the guy on his bike. the guys calls him a fag and he stops his bike to tell him he can’t say that word and also to film the encounter?

    why do people do this? here is how it should have happened?


    fuck off!!

    end of story, no film, no audio lol

  • Lvng1tor

    No one deserves to be attacked but I agree with @gskorich: on this one. I’ve been called faggot plenty. I tell the person to fuck off and keep going. However, the attacker should be held accountable for battery and assault and hopefully a hate crime. He threw the punches he was the aggressor. Too Bad to so sad….do your time! Oh and get humiliated all over the tv and internet. Mom is gonna be so proud.

  • hotboyvb81

    note- the newscast didn’t say this was an anti gay hate crime.

  • Mezaien

    He should be send to Iran, for sexual education! hope he won`t be back.

  • Stache99

    @gskorich: It’s a bike. Not a car. The guy can still easily catch up to him and punch him.

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