Suspect Turns Himself In After Antigay Atlanta Attack Is Caught On Cameras

atlanta attackThe wheels of justice are turning in Atlanta, where police have apprehended a suspect in a weird, scary homophobic attack.

it’s hard to understand what could have prompted such violence. According to the victim, Quinn Chrzan, he was biking along the Atlanta Beltline when a jogger named Michael Sanders got belligerent. Chrzan says that Sanders was mad about how close Chrzan had ridden past him. “Right when I was about to pass him, he just stopped and he looked at me and called me a faggot,” Chrzan told a local news crew.

Chrzan says that he told him to not use that word, then took out his cellphone and recorded the guy. That’s when Sanders pinned him against a wall and beat him.

(Side note: how do we feel about mainstream media self-censoring that word? In their coverage, it’s spelled “f*****” and beeped out. We’ve had a healthy debate about that word after Jonah Hill used it.)

The case against Sanders seems pretty air-tight: in addition to Chrzan’s footage, a nearby business captured the attack on video and there were plenty of witnesses. Sanders eventually turned himself in. He could be charged with a hate crime, although that would require evidence that he was specifically targeting the victim.