Sweatshop-Free Clothes


You may have noticed them popping up like Starbucks in the past year, but, unlike many other multi-national corporations (read: evil) American Apparel strives to be different:

We are trying to rediscover the essence of classic products like the basic T-shirt, once an icon of Western culture and freedom. Our goal is to make garments that people love to wear without having to rely on cheap labor.

Ok, so they don’t chain 14-year old Thai prostitutes to their sewing machines and they pay their people a living wage, but will they make you look good? Damn straight. We just bought a basic black T, that fits well (not too tight, not Old Navy) for 15 dollars.

Furthermore, our spies in West Hollywood appreciate their latest stunt for their new Santa Monica Boulevard store: Cute young boys, dressed in American Apparel’s signature “poplin shorts” and “Loop Terry headbands” running up and down Boy’s Town, showing off their clothes and a little something extra.

Move over Gap, here comes a company that makes us proud to be gay Americans!

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