Swim Fan

We’ve all fibbed about one thing or another on our own Gay.com profiles. Small insignificant fudges here and there are completely normal. The biggest exaggeration we’ve ever come across during our unsuccessful dating life has been body type. If you’re going to lay claim to a swimmer’s build, please, at least lose the Buddha belly.


Burn the flab by actually taking up swimming. Not only is it a great low impact cardio work out (saves those joints) but is also a terrific endurance builder. Make sure you also take up other forms of exercise to avoid overtraining.

If your local gym doesn’t have a pool, take the Village People’s advice and have some fun at the YMCA. But if you prefer to surround yourself with unclosted gays, look up a local swimming league at the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics. We love our fellow aquatic queers in Louisville for adopting the name KY Liquid. We just hope they don’t wade around in the stuff.

Bulky swim trunks will just slow you down, so go with the Speedo. I know what you’re thinking, but swimming pools might just be the only place where Speedo briefs won’t gross you out. Our favorite is the solid dive suit – sleek, simple and sexy.

And finally, check out hot Olympian Michael Phelp’s site. This, bitches, is what a true swimmer’s build looks like.