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Tabloid Puts Gay Lives In Danger With Deplorable Expose

Red_Pepper_Exposed_Gay_Uganda_0And you thought American tabloids were unethical? Direct on the heels of Uganda’s harsh anti-homosexual legislature being signed into law on national television, a Ugandan tabloid has published a list of the nation’s “Top 200 Homosexuals.”

The list names known gay rights activists and public figures as well as people who have never been outed before. Theres a hip hop singer and even a Catholic priest.

The cover story, published by Red Pepper underneath the headline “EXPOSED,” goes far beyond sensationalism. The threat to gays in Uganda is tangible to say the least, and there’s precedent for this kind of thing to incite very real danger.

rollingstonehangthem-1In 2010, a similar list was published by another tabloid, Rolling Stone (no, not that one) which led to the slaying of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) activist David Kato. At the time, Kato was among the lead voices on the ground lobbying against David Bahati’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Earlier this year, Red Pepper published a story on the cover of their hate rag about Ugandan soccer chief Chris Mbiru allegedly having sex with another man, forcing him to flee the country for his safety only to come home and face criminal charges and exorbitant bribes fines.

This latest article is serious bad news; our thoughts are with all those whose safety is even more at risk after the paper hit the stands.