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  • Trenton

    Am I a prude for thinking this is kind of creepy? :\

  • John

    Nice ass!

  • Giovanni

    No, it’s definitely creepy and unfortunately I guess that makes me a creep for thinking Zoinks! I’ve been waiting a long time to see Nadal’s ass. Oh well…at least I own it.

  • faghag

    yep, kinda creepy.

  • john

    i think it’s sad, this guy can’t just live his life without being completely paranoid that someone is taking photos all the time for posting on websites.

  • John

    This is the real John again, not some crank trying to assume my screenname.

    He’s a public figure and makes the dollars to go along with it. This is not Victorian-era England.

    Its not like we haven’t all seen an ass before, even though his is special.

    If it offends your sensibilites, turn your head.

  • michael

    We human beings are so freaky about nudity, at least American culture is. If you don’t want someone to see your ass, don’t run around open air naked. From his lack of tan lines I would guess he does a lot of running around in the nude open air.

  • bobito

    Certainly the American mindset about nudity and the human body in general is freaky – not really a healthy attitude, either. But John (#6) is right about celebs: they get alot of perks, financial and otherwise, but the downside is their privacy is forfeit. In another 10-20 years, his ass isn’t gonna be this prime anymore, so he should be glad it was documented while it was in this condition.

  • ruby

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! You made my day!

  • Darth Paul

    It’s just cheeky fun…nothing sordid!

  • Trenton

    John…it is not about nudity and it isn’t the fact that he is somehow harmed by being seen bare-assed. If that were the case, I would have never clicked knowing full well that it would offend my delicate sensibilities, but I was expecting a tasteful nude by a real photographer…not this.

    My disgust is based on the invasion of privacy. Some people seem to think that being under a constant lens is a “trade-off” of being a public figure…sorry, that’s bullshit. Are we to believe that we are allowed to scrutinize and invade the privacy of anyone richer and more talented than the general populace? Thanks to tabloid culture and idol-worship, that is the reality, but it doesn’t make it fair or civil.

    But frankly, anyone titillated by such voyeuristic smut is probably extremely bored, and so I feel sorry for everyone involved, really.

  • tofer david

    he has a big ‘ol booty

  • Steve

    If you don’t want to be seen naked, you really shouldn’t take your clothes off in public. The top deck of a boat, where you can see water all around, is clearly in public view.

  • Walsingham


  • Smokey Martini

    I’d tap that.

  • MATT


    I WANT TO EAT IT!!!!!!!!!

  • ginger

    OMG!! Me too. I wanted so bad to see his bare butt!! I think that everytime i see him playing!! The dude has a perfect beautiful ass, he should be proud!! Every time i see these pictures and I keep looking a lot, i get so friggen horny!! And the pervy things i think about that i could do with it!! I love Rafael, he is SO HOT!! These pictures are as cool as winning a lotery to me!! OMG that close up one of just his butt gets me really wild!! Makes this old girl feel 21 again!!

  • zarom





    I agree
    he looks like a baboon or some other monkey


  • joel



    HEE HEE ;)

  • ginger

    I would love to see what he is packin too, I bet it is beautiful, probably nice size but not too big, IDK but for some reason I am more interested in his ass, and I am a women. If he were my man I could touch and caress and kiss that beautiful butt for hours!! As for his face, I think he is cute, maybe not the most handsome man I ever saw, but again that butt, OMG that beautiful butt and his nice tan smooth skin color. I could imagine how soft the skin on his Ass is!! YUMMY!!!

  • Sandi

    His Ass is nice, but these pictures have been up a while now. We need to go a step further and see his asshole!! Yeah baby Rafa, bend over and spread thiose beautiful butt cheeks and lets see what you got up there. I bet it is beatiful!! UMM, I want to stick my fingers up him and lick that beautiful ass, I bet he has a sweet smelling, tasty, juicy butt like honey!!!

  • terrelon



  • Joran

    He’s fugly.!!!

  • Deborah

    Ah yeah Sandi, my goodness, I mean the guy does have a nice butt, and hell yeah he turns me on too, I’d like to have sex with him, but all that you posted. You are a kinky person!! Wow!!!

  • Josh

    What’s with all the straight chicks on here???

    I thought this was a gay website…..

    And personally I think that guy is ugly

  • Ginger

    Hey Josh, us ladies like to see a fine ass on a man too!! Well, I wouldn’t go as far as Sandi, my God but pretty close!!! Ha-Ha!! I think Rafael is HOT, I love his ass, what is in front of the ass I am sure is nice,I want to see THAT next, and it must have a hard-on in the pic, (I don’t want to see any soft dicks) his muscles, tan beautiful skin, his hair his face is kind of cute I think,nicer body than face I admit, but you really think he is ugly???


    he is ugly!!
    through him a banana

  • landio


    Cristiano is soooo gay!!!!

    i guess he had his foot surgery or something, that’s why he still in crutches


  • cythera45

    I wish he’d spread his cheeks and show us his hairy anus. I’ll bet it’s pink and cute and he’s got a jungle of asshair in his crack.

  • chandler

    damn thats tooo much hair in this asscrack


  • Sandi

    Oh I know, i want to see his butthole too!! I bet he has a sweet ass!! I want to lick it and stick my fingers up that fine ass of his!! I’d really love to strap on a dildo and F him!! Hey that ass is so fine, a little hair wouln’t even bother me!!!

  • Ricky



  • Sandi

    No fair Ricky, I am a girl and I can’t shoot a load up there, I could use a strap on that would be so fun, but I love this ass so much He makes me want to grow a DICK And F him up that tight butt,if that makes any sense, the dude makes me crazy!! How about when he grunts when he hits the ball playing tennis??? I could get him grunting really hard!! I want him to F me really hard too!!!

  • Sandi

    Oh yeah, I’d love to bend him over and give that beautiful ass a nice juicy enema!!

  • Ricky


    since when do girls want to fuck a guy up the ass??

  • Sandi

    This girl is pretty wild!!! I have a thing for a beautiful male ASS!!!Hey lots of straight men are into Ass play from a woman these days!! I like regular sex too and would LOVE Rafi to F me really hard!!!

  • Danny


    you ladies who are dating “straight” guys who are into this, ask him why???

  • Sandi

    Danny how old are you??? Guys these days sure do like it!! And girls are doing this!! I know a couple of girls other than me who like this!! Once a guy has your trust, and relaxes, and maybe has a few drinks!! And it’s with guys you know well, I mean I don’t go up to random men on the street with a tube of KY jelly and say bend over or even on a first date!! Maybe not all to the extreme that I posted!! That would be a real kinky dude, but a couple fingers up the ass and a nice ass licking, they sure do like it!! Hey that is where the prostate is and they tell me it really feels good and makes shooting a load intense with some fingers up there F’in there butthole!! Never tried the strap on thing yet though, I want to really bad!! Hey maybe I will suggest we go buy one tonight and try it out ,when I see my boyfriend tonight and see what he says!!

  • Michelle


    I think you’re just hanging out with bi guys or something because none of the boyfriends i’ve had would have ever wanted that.

    and i am 23. i don’t know how old that Danny person is but he is right!!!!

  • Sharon

    I would like to have that nice big round juicy butt for Thanksgiving dinner!!! YUMMY!!!!!

  • mandingo


  • jerr

    His face is definitely fug!!!!

    nice butt though

  • Marty

    I would kiss that stinking ass of his in a heartbeat!

  • bigdix_upurass


    whats up with his face


  • Tommmy

    It’s obvious these photos were taken out at sea from a distance with telescopic lens. But there’s nothing wrong with admiring physical beauty, female or male. Rafa is a good looking guy, so I don’t get some of the negative comments. People today still have too many hang-ups about nudity. If my ass looked as great as Rafa’s, I’d show it too.

  • scott

    he has a fine ass i would love to eat and fuck it. yes it is true a lot of so called macho dudes like to have the butt holes played with or even eaten you would be surprise.

  • Andres

    Michelle and Danny.
    I am 43, gay, and definitely know straight men who like to have their asses played with or be fucked by their GF with a strap on. And yes they are definitely straight. It’s a big world out there and there are lots of varieties to the spice of life. Just because you have never experienced something or heard of it in your tender years doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    And Rafa is beautiful and awesome. Would have all sorts of fun there….

  • Andres

    Sandi U ROCK!

  • JM

    You people are all perverts! Wanna grab a drink sometime?

  • Jeffree

    Would rather see Roger Federer’s backside !

    (Funny how these old threads just get revived from time to time)

  • MattGMD

    Showing off his famous butt aboard a 45-foot Princess boat no less. Popular in Europe and known for being relatively fast for the size, that 45-ft Princess is a little under $1M USD. Gracias, Rafael.

  • Bill Cooney

    What I want to know is why Rafa is always picking at his ass? It makes me CRAZY!

  • Dallas David

    Honestly . . . you’d think that ‘some’ people had never seen a naked tush before . . .

  • Mykey

    @Sandi: Am loving you and Ginger so much now! Danny and Michelle, you live in your own kind of bubble. A straight friend of mine told me once that some chic he was having sex with tried to insert a finger in his ass, lol! What a surprise it was for him. Anyway, I love kinky babes and wish there were more of you in this world, lol!

  • Mykey

    @Ginger: you go gal! marry me!!!

  • Johnna


    Uh, I’d say the second a guy takes something up the ass, even if a dildo from a chic, he’s pretty much gay.

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