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Taking Perfect Profile Photos With Chris Rushton

Before there was a Craigery Morgan, there was a Chris Rushton. (He, the one-time hook up buddy of Adam Lambert.) And like lots of cewebrities, much time and energy is spent perfecting his image. Which means having the perfect avatar, the perfect background skin, and yes, the perfect Facebook profile photo. You, peon, can learn some tips!

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  • tallskin2

    He’s very cute, but utterly, utterly vacuuous

  • Goodnight Moon

    what a fool

  • Kev

    Seriously Queerty … Seriously? Not to mention even a nephilim looks good in high contrast black and white.


    Thank you Chris for actually stating you are in fact Gay,and for not suddenly installing a revolving door on your closet like Craigery Morgan did once he gots a bit of notierity on the internets…….

  • Devon

    Good lord, it’s like The A-List: Youtube.

  • brandon

    he has 2 much of a bigger build to him to be acting like such a queen.. grow some hair on your chest boy! haha, and then ill start listening to u.

  • redball


  • redball

    loving kissin on a nice pair of DSL like that

  • TheInsider

    wow, how vapid can you get…

  • Charlie in Charge

    @brandon: Why yes Brandon – we must all become bears so we can feel attractive and masculine! This just though, Brandon, sleeveless flannel shirts and one of those little leather hats doesn’t actually make anyone look macho.

  • brandon

    @charlie in charge just my personal opinion buddy. wow.

  • Berto Lozano

    I weep, I mean I really deep down WEEP for our nation.

  • Cam

    Add this silly mess to the “A List”.

  • Charlie in Charge

    mine too :-)

  • brandon

    haha alrighty mister.

  • Tim

    Wow, with the recent attention given to the effects of meanness, name calling, and hurtful words, queerty should be ashamed of the write up on this story and the baiting of sarcastic and flipant comments it fostered.

    Jeez, why can’t we just let guys be who or whatever they want.

  • romeo

    Actually, the hair and make-up advice is pretty good. I don’t know why everybody is all up in his ass about being vapid. The subject here is looking cute in photos – not world peace

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Sorry he is not cute.

  • Joey

    @romeo: I agree. I don’t know why everybody’s being so judgemental. He’s just trying to explain how to take a good picture. And like you said, the advice is pretty good. Professional photographers use shitloads of tricks to make the subject look good. And lighting and makeup are part of those tricks. Does this mean that all photographers are vacuous?

    @Aaron in Honolulu: He is totally cute.

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