Sisters Get Hate Crime Charge

Teens Arrested in Anti-Gay Tire Slash

What is wrong with kids these days?! Two Vermont teen sisters have been charged with a hate crime after slashing and tagging a gay couple’s cars. What’s worse, one of the girls is related to one of the owners!

Two sisters are being charged with a hate crime for spray painting anti-gay slogans and slashing the tires of the vehicles belonging to two men joined in a civil union.

Police say 16-year-old Melissa Gaboury and 18-year-old Meghan Gaboury are due in court Wednesday to answer charges of a hate crime, unlawful mischief and unlawful trespass.

Police say the sisters are distant relatives of 1 of the victims

[They also say] the Gaboury sisters had “increasingly volatile interactions” with the alleged victims.

In addition to scrawling “faggot” on one of the cars, the girls also employed anti-gay epithets in their police interviews. Charming.