Texas GOP ripped to shreds over its latest idiotic tweet

Students and Austinites wait in long lines to vote in the 2016 primary election at a polling station in central Austin, Texas.

The Texas GOP decided today was a great day to get out this heartless message:

“If you can wait in line for hours for testing…you can vote in person.”

The baffling comparison was tweeted by the official Texas GOP Twitter account, over an image of a line of people waiting to receive a Covid test:

Texas Republicans last year passed Senate Bill 1, a sweeping new voting law which, among other things, bans 24-hour and drive-thru voting along with candidates sending unsolicited mail-voting applications. The state also “limits mail-in voting to residents who are 65 and older, sick or disabled, out of the county during the election period, or confined in jail but otherwise eligible to vote.”

Critics see the restrictions as a way to further infringe upon Texans’ voting rights, and they were not happy to see the party cavalierly compare voting to the current Covid crisis.

“Except for COVID, laws & regulations weren’t created to make it harder for people to get a test,” wrote one commenter.

“Hot take,” wrote another, “both of these are evidence of cataclysmic policy failures and exactly nobody should be flexing on them, least of all the ghouls of the Texas GOP.”

Here are some more of the many, many reactions:

In response to the backlash, the Texas GOP account wrote: “wow, this made the pronouns in bio people big mad. Masks are dumb”.

Yes, really: