The 1 Gay on Bromance … Quits

Brody Jenner’s MTV reality show Bromance — where he tries to find a new BFF to replace ultimate d-bag Spencer Pratt, and eliminates contestants one-by-one shirtless in the hot tub — is airing as we speak. Who knew how homoerotic this whole thing was gonna be? But already, a gay casualty: The one gay character on the show, Michael Flatley, quit before the first episode even wrapped. Apparently he thought the show would be more like The Hills, and he would get to hang out with Lauren Conrad (sorry Michael, she appears on the next episode!), and not talk about sleeping with women all day long. So he volunteered to go home early, and Brody didn’t stop him.

But before anyone jumps to conclusions about Michael rightly leaving the show, it’s worth noting: It could’ve just been producers’ editing, but Michael didn’t appear to suffer any homophobia from the rest of the, ahem, very straight contestants, nor Brody. He wasn’t the butt of any jokes and while he didn’t keep his sexuality a secret by any means, for the 40 or so minutes he was on camera, he held his own.

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