Bare Back Body Slams

The 2016 Olympics May Feature Shirtless Wrestling


As if this guy isn’t hot already, now just imagine him shirtless. Now imagine him shirtless and wrestling another man to the ground. You still with me? Okay, well that may be the plan for the 2016 Olympic Games if certain changes are made. According to USA Today, the sport is getting a makeover. Everything from the venue to the uniforms are getting updated to modernize wrestling and make it more accessible to fans.

“We will change everything,” said Nenad Lalovic, the president of wrestling’s international federation (FILA). “The whole scenery of the venue.” The red-and-yellow mat will go the way of the full Nelson, replaced perhaps by shades of blue.

“Our singlets are so old fashioned,” Lalovic said. Freestyle wrestlers could wear fight shorts and a tight-fitting microfiber T-shirt. Greco-Roman wrestlers may even go shirtless.

Actor Billy Baldwin, who was part of wrestling’s delegation, said he could see the change for entertainment value. “It’s why beach volleyball is on for 17 hours in prime time and we’re buried at three in the morning,” he said.

Additional changes, including a focus on aggressive wrestlers and more active matches, will roll out over the next few years. What makes it to Rio is yet to be determined. But let’s hope the singlets get left on the floor.

[GIF: 10 Reasons To Be Happy Wrestling Is Back In The Olympics]

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  • Gregg

    Having wrestled in HS, college, I must tell you: fantasizing about rolling-around, hugging and groping another spandexed athlete may give most guys a chubby! But the reality of trying to pin that same athlete, who’s also trying his best to pin you, all the while being cheered on by your Aunt Maxine, kills the buzz! lol

  • litper

    @Gregg just like most porn actors say doing porn isn’t that fun but it sure is nice to look at ;)

  • Dan Shill

    I’d love to see them wrestle as they did in the original Olympic games… naked!

  • DonW

    The subhead “BARE BACK BODY SLAM” is not cute. There are more than enough idiots in the gay culture working overtime to make “barebacking” (i.e., unsafe sex) seem cool without turning it into a pun.

  • DickGreenleaf

    Have you noticed that Queerty has disabled comments on all their Stoli items that are really ads? Could it be that they don’t want people saying that WE SHOULDN’T BE DRINKING STOLI!!!! Really guys, just label it an ad.

  • Kieran

    I guess bottomless wrestling would be pushing things.

  • orlake

    In the original Olympics, all the participants were nude. I think Greece should restart their Olympics and hold it exactly like they did three thousand years ago.

  • Brian

    Have you noticed that, over the last few decades, the IOC has allowed female athletes to wear less and less whereas the male athletes have been required to wear more and more? Look at the track-and-field, for instance. The women wear bikini bottoms but the men wear much longer bottoms. Same with beach volley-ball.

    The IOC has thus been covering up the men’s bodies more and more. It’s partly driven by misandrry and homophobia within the IOC as well as misandry and homophobia at NBC, the American broadcaster.

  • Fitz

    @DonW- don’t be stupid. No one is trying to make BB sex cool.
    BB sex IS cool. They are trying to make SAFER sex cool!

  • Dansktex

    “Fight shorts” sounds like a regression to me. They tend to be thick and tight. The thickness part would likely mean no more obvious bulges!!

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