The All New, Homophobic Wonkette

David Lat

Gawker media’s political whore (don’t worry, she’d take that as a compliment), Anna Marie Cox, has left Wonkette for greener pastures, and she’s been replaced by what looks like a rampant homophobe. The new Wonkette is David B. Lat of the judicial blog Underneath Their Robes. The New York Times uncovers a very Bill O’Reilly-like past from his Harvard Crimson days:

He declared, among other things, that campus liberals had no “no broad, overarching philosophy.” He lamented the revocation of Ireland’s ban on divorce, and repeatedly castigated the school’s Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Student Association.

In one column, entitled “Those ‘Happy Homos'” he wrote: “National Coming Out Day is just another event in the recent rash of identity-based pride rallies. These alleged celebrations of diversity have devolved into mutual masturbation festivals. They reassure people who are still deeply troubled by their lifestyle choices and are desperately seeking a stamp of approval. We have a duty to deny them this approval.”

If you notice the quality of Wonkette’s postings drop dramatically after Jan. 30 (when Lat takes the reigns), there’s your reason. Whereas Cox was a friend of Mary through and through (we share a mutual love for all things Anderson Cooper), Lat, we fear, will be content to do what most conservatives do best: Bore us and suck – and not in a good way. Um, Mr. Denton, we think you might have a bad hire with this one.

He Fought the Law. They Both Won. [NY Times]

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