The Anti-Carson

Oprah‘s main gay Nate Berkus remains our favorite televised gay. The do-gooder, who’s currently helming the Big O’s The Big Give, recently chatted with AfterElton about whether it’s “important for gay men to be seen as more than just fashion designers and makeup artists”.

Says Berkus:

I think it’s important for everyone to be seen doing what they love to do, so I actually don’t draw a distinction between quote-unquote stereotypical gay professions versus other ventures that people might excel in. Looking at people and judging them based on their sexuality, or discounting someone based on their sexuality is a really, really scary, rough, unnecessary road. I have the opportunity to be on television and I’m very grateful for that, but I don’t think the importance is that I’m hosting a television show.

We’ll we think it’s important, but mostly so we can ogle you, Berkus.