The Fred Phelps Church Speaks


“You are as mean, and as sick, and as cruel as anyone I’ve had on this program.”

– Fox News anchor Sean Hannity to Fred Phelps’ daughter, Shirley Phelps Roper, after she explained that their protests are really intended to save Americans from the ensuing “wrath of God.”

The interview is typical Fox News fodder–lots of pontificating, lots of “I’m more Christian than you” fingerpointing, and when Alan Colmes jumps in the whole interview goes to hell faster than a homosexual–but the chance to watch a Phelps miniom speak is priceless. It’s fascinating, watching her gnash her teeth and smile like a character in a Stephen King novel.

We are, however, thrilled that Hannity & Colmes didn’t differentiate between protesting against soldiers as being any worse than protesting against gay people. They just lumped it all together. It was probably an accident that it came out that way, but we’ll pretend they meant to be compassionate. We just feel really, really bad for the Phelps kids, who live in the family compound and have to carry signs at the protests. Do any of them ever get out?

Fox News: F*ck Westboro Baptist Church [YouTube]

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