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The judge in Trump’s fraud trial flexed his muscle outside the courtroom & it’s causing a MAGA meltdown

Judge Arthur Engoron sitting in court with a black judge's robe over a blue dress shirt and red tie with white spots.

Judge Arthur Engoron wasn’t a household legal name when he was assigned to Donald Trump‘s $250 million civil fraud trial. But he is now.

The veteran justice has pushed back against Trump numerous times, most notably with a gag order (Engoron has fined Trump $10,000 for breaking it).

As a result, Engoron is in the MAGA crosshairs.

MAGA heads don’t like it when somebody stands up to their dear leader. But the problem is, there’s nothing on him. That’s why Trump himself resorted to attacking one of his clerks… for taking a photo with Chuck Schumer at an event one time.

Engoron docked Trump $5,000 for the low blow.

But members of the right-wing troll farm are undeterred. They’re so desperate to smear Engoron, they’ve resorted to circulating his gym selfies.

That’s right: gym selfies.

Engoron, 74, submits fitness updates to his high school alumni newsletter. The publication collects updates and anecdotes from graduates of The Wheatley School, a public high school in Old Westbury, N.Y.

It’s apparent that Engoron, who runs the newsletter, is proud of his physical progress, as he should be! Seriously, this judge is ripped. His physique looks great for any age, never mind 74.

The MAGA crowd probably thought circulating the photos Engoron already circulated himself would embarrass him, but, honestly, we’re too focused on his biceps to care. The dude’s got serious arm game.

Any gay man worth his j*ckstrap knows the difference between gym thirst traps and progress photos. Engoron’s shots are definitely the latter. The “before” and “after” labels give him away.

Trolls are also falsely claiming that he submitted the photos to a student newsletter, not an alumni one.

There’s a big difference between the two, of course. But facts don’t matter here. The smear must continue!

That was Trump’s strategy on the witness stand this week, as the disgraced ex-president ranted and raved about political witch hunts and corrupt elections and blah, blah, blah. At one point, Engoron told one of Trump’s attorneys to “control his client.”

Agent Orange was so rattled, he didn’t even address the cameras when leaving the courtroom.

Engoron succeeded in the impossible: he got Trump to shut up.

On Wednesday, it was Ivanka Trump‘s turn to testify, and the busy mother of three tried to distance herself from her family’s fraudulent business operation as best she could.

On multiple occasions, she said she couldn’t recall key documents, including her own letters and emails written to her husband.

Prior to the proceedings, New York Attorney General Letitia James said she expected the former first daughter to be evasive.

“We uncovered the scheme and she benefited from it personally,” she said. “And Ms. Trump will do all that she can to try to separate herself from this corporation, but she’s inextricably tied to the Trump Organization and to these properties, that she helped secure financing for.”

The prosecution rested its case following Ivanka’s testimony. Engoron has already concluded that Trump committed years of fraud by significantly inflating the value of assets in his financial statements. The trial is about the remaining claims of conspiracy, insurance fraud, and falsifying business records, as well as determining what the final punishment should be.

James has asked Trump and his sons, Don Jr. and Eric, be fined $250 million and barred from ever conducting business in the state of New York again.

Engoron will decide the verdict. What a flex, huh?

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