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The Maryland State Senator So Disgusted With Gays Being Called ‘Pedophiles,’ He’s Voting For Marriage

Above is a video of Utah’s Democratic State Sen. Pat Jones defending her role in tabling a bill that would’ve undone the state’s ban on adoptions by unmarried cohabitating couples (a law that effectively bans gay couples from adopting). Jones declares at this town hall that she believes marriage is between one man and one woman, and she must “stand up for the things that I [and my constituents] believe in.” Hurting kids, evidently, is what she believes in. And then there are people like Maryland’s Democratic Sen. Jim Brochin, who was so disgusted with the “appalling” display of marriage equality opponents (who suggested gays are “pedophiles” and legalizing same-sex marriage would lead to “android” unions) that he’s decided to support the bill. Previously, he called the M-word a “stumbling block” and only vowed to support civil unions. But when constituents testified before his Judicial Proceedings Committee, he “heard hate and venom.” And changed his mind. See what that bullshit gets you, haters?

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  • Scott

    Let’s give the haters a taste of their own medicine:

    Heterosexual males rape their female children. I’ve known many women who were raped as small children by male family members.

    Heterosexual mothers starve their infants. I know of two instances of this.

    Heterosexual mothers kill their children a la Susan Smith and Andrea Yates.

    Heterosexual males kill the children of their girlfriends. Many, many news stories about this.

    Heterosexuals, therefore, cannot be trusted with children. They’re all a bunch of pervs!

  • Gigi

    I love it! They’re getting desperate now and they’re having a harder time keeping their seething hate for us hidden. The sane ones in the room are taking note. Thanks Mr. Brochin!

  • DeGuyz in Mississippi

    Then you have recent allegations of adultery by not one, but two GOP members. The same ones that try to say what rights we are entitled to. I can say that someone beat them at their own game in 2007. While the state and country continue to be in violation for due process, it’s only adding up. Just a matter of time and you will see a big change.

  • greenmanTN

    There was a book written about when Vermont passed Civil Unions in 2000 and then Governor Hoawrd Dean signed it into law. According to the author, even the Republicans were shocked by the amount of vitriol about gay people they heard and how hateful it was and it ended up pushing them to the left on the issue.

    Of course that was before GW Bush, the Tea Party, etc. and it was Vermont. Now in many cases it’s the Republicans who are spouting the crazy, hateful shit.

    But people who are unhinged about the issue do turn others off and sometimes make them more sympathetic, not less.

  • the crustybastard


    Governor Howard Dean only favored civil unions because the Vermont Supreme Court gave the state the choice of marriage or civil unions. Dean signed the civil unions bill without ceremony, and according to a Chicago Sun-Times report, he privately told everyone who’d listen that he didn’t even want to do that much.

    Dean continued to oppose marriage equality while he was the chair of the Democratic National Party, and only conveniently decided to support equality only after he became a private citizen — that makes him gutless, cynical and manipulative.

    Dean’s not really interested in helping us. He just wants to whitewash over the stain of his bigoted career by acting like he gives a shit now.

    Stop lionizing Dean as some gay rights champion. He never was.

  • Owen

    @Scott: You’re either dense, trolling, or you want to work AGAINST gay rights.

    The whole point of this post was that spitting venom doesn’t really gain you anything and sometimes LOSES votes, and now you’re talking about going around and insulting hetero couples?

  • Kevin

    @the crustybastard: I’m not sure where in his post you infer that anyone is “lionizing” Mr. Dean. All it says about the man is that he signed the bill into law, which is, you know, a fact.

    Besides, dude was a politician with national aspirations, and it’s been a while since that type had any interest in leading national opinions rather than following them.

  • Daez

    @greenmanTN: Actually, the vast majority of the hatred is being spouted by the gays in regards to religion. Even in this clip, the comment about the woman’s personal belief is that she should leave her religion in the church although she is protecting the belief of the people that voted for her.

    Declaring war on religion is beyond the stupidest things one can possibly do. Just because one Republican is coming to our side does not mean that all Republicans will now see the errors of their ways. Those that feel free to throw around hatred do so because they make the claim that religious freedom is under attack which it quite obviously is, not because of the gay marriage issue, but because of the LGBT belief that religion is truly what is keeping gay marriage from happening when nothing could be further from the truth. What does more damage to our rights than anything else is the fear that most straight guys have about having gay friends and being hit on by them. That is not religious at all in nature.

    Also, I have yet to see a viable argument that shows that a child is not better off in a home with a MOTHER and a FATHER. Centuries of research have gone into showing a traditional family make up is better for children than a single parent home or another non-traditional home. I’m not saying there are not exceptions, but to quote the exception as the rule is bogus.

    If a gay man wants to have a child than let him marry a woman, have a child, wait for that child to grow up and then go on with his life as a gay male. Gay couples having children just to trot them around and show them off like masterpieces (see NPH and EJ) is disgusting.

  • the crustybastard

    @Daez: “I have yet to see a viable argument that shows that a child is not better off in a home with a MOTHER and a FATHER.”

    The fact that you — as a bigoted moron — simply refuse to countenance as “viable” the most recent, dispassionate research into the efficacy of gay parenting hardly throws that research into disrepute.

    Christ, what an asshole.

  • Thomas

    @Daez: 2 parents is better than one parent, which in turn is better than no parents. There have been and maybe always will be more children available for adoption than there are adopting parents, provided you are looking at the stats for children of all races. To deny children the opportunity to have a parent or two out of bigotry is much more harmful to the child than being raised by a couple of loving fags, even if there was a VIABLE study indicating that gay parenting was somehow substandard compared to married straight parenting (which there is not). When the choice is gay parents or no parents, you would see the poor orphans and give-aways of the country left with no one. How disgusting of you.

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