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The Maryland State Senator So Disgusted With Gays Being Called ‘Pedophiles,’ He’s Voting For Marriage

Above is a video of Utah’s Democratic State Sen. Pat Jones defending her role in tabling a bill that would’ve undone the state’s ban on adoptions by unmarried cohabitating couples (a law that effectively bans gay couples from adopting). Jones declares at this town hall that she believes marriage is between one man and one woman, and she must “stand up for the things that I [and my constituents] believe in.” Hurting kids, evidently, is what she believes in. And then there are people like Maryland’s Democratic Sen. Jim Brochin, who was so disgusted with the “appalling” display of marriage equality opponents (who suggested gays are “pedophiles” and legalizing same-sex marriage would lead to “android” unions) that he’s decided to support the bill. Previously, he called the M-word a “stumbling block” and only vowed to support civil unions. But when constituents testified before his Judicial Proceedings Committee, he “heard hate and venom.” And changed his mind. See what that bullshit gets you, haters?