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  • Cam

    I had a hard time bringing myself to watch Grey Gardens after all those nausiatingly phony saccerine interviews with Drew Barrymore in which she kept saying that she and Jessica Lange were best friends and she called her “Mother Dear” etc… Typical phoney press tour B.S. now that the P.R. tour is over of course you never see them together.

    However, I enjoyed it. Was worth seeing.

  • countervail

    While I loved Grey Gardens, I don’t think there’s any reason to slam Two and A Half Men at the same time which while not being high art is really f’ing funny. Just like The New Adventures of Old Christine is not high art it’s really entertaining. I was very disappointed Christine didn’t get more noms.

    It always comes back to a question of do we vote for moderately entertaining art or do we vote for moderately artful entertainment?

  • naprem

    Fuck you, I like Two and a Half Men. It’s a hell of a lot more funny than you are, Queerty.

  • denguyfl

    .. and in the actually gay-related category: Prayers for Bobby and Sigourney Weaver also nominated. I wish I found it shocking that you gloss over the film about the woman whose son threw himself off an overpass rather than deal with being gay and and then goes on to found our community’s most supportive organization of allies. In case you didn’t know she started PFLAG. Thank you Queerty for never failing to provide real jounalism. To take your own line “predictably”, indeed.

  • galefan2004

    @denguyfl: Both of those nominations deserve to win. Wow, I watched the movie, and tried to get my mom the book (although she refused to read it), and I knew she got involved in the movement afterward, but I honestly didn’t know she started PFLAG.

    In other Emmy news, Tina Fey got a nod for playing Sarah Palin.

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